The project “Yamal LNG” will open a new Chapter of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the energy sector

Russian-Chinese project to produce liquefied natural gas, Yamal LNG is the first stage of construction. Our reporter together with the ambassadors of China in Russia, with a delegation from the China national petroleum Corporation arrived at the location of the project. This project is the future of Russian-Chinese cooperation in the field of oil and gas resources of the North Pole.

In 2013, PetroChina received an invitation from the Russian government and NOVATEK to participate in the project “Yamal LNG”. The facility is located on the Yamal Peninsula in the Arctic circle on the basis of the South Tambeyskoye field. The license for exploration and production of gas is valid till 2045. Natural gas reserves of approximately 1.3 trillion cubic meters, of which the reserves of gas condensate amount to 6 million tons. The project operator is OAO Yamal LNG — a joint venture between OAO NOVATEK, Total, “China national petroleum Corporation” (20%) and “silk road Fund” (9.9 percent).


Two years ago, Yamal LNG has constructed the international airport “Sabetta” to transport passengers and cargo. Today carried 420 thousand passengers and about 4,800 tons of cargo. Due to the harsh Arctic winters and frozen soil, on roads and in the working area of the airport laid a special panel. Chinese journalist noticed that all the local houses are reminiscent of the “house on stilts”. They are built on false stilts set at a depth of about 10-20 meters, to prevent thawing of the soil under the house. The Chinese delegation visited the area, which goes directly to drilling. Rising above the fog in the hundred-meter rigs reminiscent of launch complexes of carrier rockets, along is a staircase in the inner part. After the end of drilling and the dismantling of the rig, into a hole the device is mounted a cylindrical shape, it is commonly called the “Christmas tree” to extract natural gas.

CEO of PetroChina Jiang JI said that in the first phase of the project is planned to build 58 gas wells. Chinese enterprises have created a tower, adapted to local climatic features. They are able to withstand temperatures of -50 degrees as well as to resist a strong wind. At the moment over 9 drilling gas wells.

Liquefied natural gas and gas condensate will be shipped to the markets of the Asia-Pacific region and Europe. 96% of produced liquefied natural gas have already been signed long-term contracts. Earlier, four million tons of liquefied times were supplied to the Chinese market. In the summer, which lasts 5 months, it is possible to deliver liquefied natural gas to China and other Asia-Pacific countries during 19-21 days. In this regard, Yamal LNG is planning to build 15 ice-breakers “ARC 7” for the carriage of liquefied gas. Russia also intends to create a nuclear-powered icebreaker to accompany. The rest of the time the liquefied gas will be supplied to Europe and then to the Asian market. This route will take about 39-44 days.

Li Hui, Ambassador of China in Russia, the delegation is headed. He said, “Visiting the “Yamal LNG” this time, I realized that this project is a model of business cooperation of Russia and China, as well as a good example of cooperation between the two countries in the energy sphere”.

Li Hui said that Chinese investment, financing and natural gas market plays an important role in the implementation of the project “Yamal LNG”. Through this project, China will gain experience in exploring oil and gas resources in the Arctic, will train staff to deepen their knowledge in the field of energy, improve the understanding of the market, strengthen relations with Russia and will lay a good Foundation for future cooperation of Russia and China in the oil and gas sector.


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Dmitry Manakov said: “the Chinese experts showed a high level of professionalism in the first stage of the implementation of the project “Yamal”, they held in-depth study of all areas, actively participated in the project and has achieved many successes in the field of designing, logistics, shipping and marketing. The implementation of the Yamal LNG project proved that bilateral cooperation was successful, and it laid the Foundation for further interaction. I believe that this project made a great contribution to the development of energy trade between Russia and China.”


He also expressed that the current international market for liquefied gas is growing rapidly, and the project “Yamal” will allow China and Russia to reach the international level and to become its integral part. The Arctic is a huge region with a good potential for fruitful cooperation between the two countries.