Oleg Tinkov wants to make Putin the king and to settle in the Winter Palace

Former partner of Bjarne RIS (Bjarne Riis) in Cycling expresses great ambitions on behalf of the Russian President. Russian businessman Oleg Tinkov is also known for his outspoken style of speech.

Last year he proposed to separate his former sporting Director from the sport for life. Then the former owner of the Cycling team turned their IRE on two-time winner of “Tour de France” Alberto Contador (Alberto Contador). Contador — “the Spanish piece of shit” that was “too old to anything to win,” sounded the sentence of Oleg Tinkov.

Completely different, words of praise — though no less spectacular — he found, when asked about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Putin should be Tsar, and Russia again to turn into an absolute monarchy, he said in an interview with the chief editor Sports.ru Yuri Dude.

“I support Putin. So I think that Putin should rule 33 of the presidential period, all my life. And even moreover. Putin needed to do the Emperor, because in this country, no democracy will never take root. I am convinced,” said Oleg Tinkov.

© RIA Novosti, Grigory Sysoev | go to Photobacterium, the founder of the brand “Tinkoff” Oleg Tinkov during an interview in Moscow

The current residence of Putin in the Kremlin is also not good enough, says the businessman. Putin and his successors must move to the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg.

Putin’s daughter to be the Empress

“His daughter should become the Empress, and so on and so forth,” — said Oleg Tinkov, who, according to Forbes, ranks 79th in the list of the richest people in Russia.

Oleg Tinkov made his fortune through the retail trade, restaurant business and as the owner of Bank Tinkoff Bank.

Hardly Oleg Tinkov Central political figure in Russia. But he is not the first of the participants in the public debate, who speaks with such idea. In March to transform Russia into a monarchy, offered Sergey Aksenov, the current head of the Crimean Peninsula.

“While there is an external enemy, in my view, the necessary unity of command. Today the President should have more rights, until, sorry, dictatorship,” — said Sergey Aksenov.

Aksenov was appointed to the post by Vladimir Putin after the annexation of the Ukrainian Peninsula of Crimea in 2014.

Russian anti-monarchy

The leader of the third largest party in the Russian Parliament Vladimir Zhirinovsky has also spoken out several times in support of the idea of a sort of elective monarchy.

“Such a multinational and multi-confessional country as Russia, can only be associated with the monarch,” — said Zhirinovsky on the TV channel “Tsargrad” in March.

So far, it looks like just talk and trial balloons.

None of the four parties of the Russian Parliament, the Duma, does not officially support the restoration of the monarchy. Not doing this, and Vladimir Putin, commented on his official representative, when was the last time a debate has been raging about this.

“Over the last five years he was repeatedly questioned, and he is in a particular context had to answer such questions. He is very cool about such discussions,” said presidential spokesperson Dmitry Peskov in March.

Two-thirds of Russian — recovery against any form of monarchy. This is evidenced by the survey conducted in March of this year.

But to Oleg to Tinkoff have something to complain about when it comes to 17-year rule of Vladimir Putin as the President, the Prime Minister.

“For example, Putin is responsible for the level of corruption in the country, which just overwhelms,” Tinkov said in an interview.