Ukrainians began to actively buy cats: the TOP 5 most popular breeds

Today, March 1, except for the arrival of spring is also international cat day According OLX, for the year 2016 the demand for these Pets is increased by 50%.

Today purebred cats and mixed breeds are most popular: more than 30% of the buyers of cats purchased in 2016, these fuzzies. And the rating of pedigreed cats topped the Scottish fold.

1. Scottish fold

Scottish fold , Scottish fold she is one of the most popular breeds of cats on the Internet. 20% of customers in 2016 chose them. This breed was not bred artificially, and turned completely natural way.

2. Scottish straight

In second place is Scottish straight : (15% of buyers). Scottish straight — relatives of the Scottish fold, but differ in that as they grow older they do not change the shape of the ears — they are straight. Scottish straight — a true Scots: balanced, calm, attached to the house and the owner.

3. British Shorthair

Third in popularity among Ukrainians was a British Shorthair . 14% of buyers in 2016 chose these cats. According to legend, this breed is a descendant of the Cheshire cat.

4. Persian cats

2% of buyers expressed a preference for fluffy Persian cats — one of the oldest breeds, which is absolutely not adapted to living outside the home. These cats are very much attached to his master and trust him completely.

5. Sphynx

The Sphynx has been bred through a natural mutation. These cats are easily trained, and easily copy the behavior of the owners. Last year, a little less than 2% of all purchases related to this breed.

Remember that the approach to choosing future pet responsibly. It is not necessary to take animals from dealers. Always ask for all required documentation of vaccinations and health of pet.