The human sense of smell is no worse than animal – study

The human sense of smell is no worse than dogs or rats, say neuroscientists. According to them, people have the same olfactory neurons, as in other mammals, describes the study in the journal Science.

Although the relative size of the rest of the brain in people the size of the olfactory bulbs is extremely small (40 times less than in dogs and a 200 — than in rats), all mammals have about the same number of olfactory neurons about 10 million

It also appeared that those responsible for the receptors in the nose genes that were previously considered non-functional, may have a regulatory function important for olfactory genes. But experiments show that smells can have a significant influence on decision-making and that people are able to go to the smell of chocolate is no worse than a dog pick up the trail of a pheasant.

However, in such experiments, people are much better able to cope with the task after some training, the researchers note.

Neuroscientists have learned that the human sense of smell is weak. His work is rather like a muscle — if we actively use it and train, we will be able to develop to maximum potential.