The Polish foreign Ministry said that the destruction of the monument to the poles in Huta penyatskoy involved in Moscow

Advisor to the foreign Minister of Poland, Professor przemysław żurawski vel grajewski said that the damage to the Polish monument in Huta penyatskoy in the Lviv region is Moscow, reports “UKRINFORM”.

“His interest (in the Commission of the crime – Ed.) and the provocation clearly indicate that the source of all this is Moscow. This is confirmed by the fact that the first of this event informed the Russian media,” said żurawski vel grajewski.

The expert has noticed that videos posted to Youtube, signed in the Ukrainian language with Russianisms (“sniden Polsky pamyatnik” – Ed.). He recalled that during the 2015-2016 in the destruction of Ukrainian monuments in Poland, the vandals also left there Polish inscriptions with errors. This, in his opinion, shows that in both cases the attackers did not know or did not know respectively the Polish and Ukrainian languages.

Żurawski vel grajewski does not believe that the destruction of the Polish monument to the Ukrainians involved.

“The incident occurred on 8 January – second day of Christmas in Ukraine. This further emphasizes the unreality of the fact that Ukrainian, Galician, on the day of the great feast are going to destroy the monument. In a psychological sense, it looks grotesque,” – said adviser to the head of the Polish foreign Ministry.

According to him, the destruction of the monument in Huta penyatskoy is evidence that “there is an intense attempt to embroil the peoples of our region that are threatened by Russia.”

“This is nothing new. If Russia were able to blow up a residential building with its own citizens (in Moscow and Budennovsk in 1999 – Ed.) to provoke the second Chechen war, why it could not destroy monuments,” – said the expert.

He added that the investigation into this incident, as well as all those that occurred earlier in Poland, have to study very seriously, because it “is not a question of any “whims” of individuals, as a matter of national security of both countries and international relations.”

Zhuravskii led Graevskaya stressed that in this incident both parties must respond in solidarity, emphasizing that poles and Ukrainians will not allow themselves to quarrel. “We can do this together and we need to prosecute the perpetrators of the crime,” he said.

According to him, the latest incident the Russians “crossed a line”.

“There need to be not just a Declaration (on the part of the authorities – Ed.) to soothe his own conscience, and beginning of action on the effective impact of both Polish and Ukrainian public opinion, explaining to the citizens of both countries the real situation, breaking these goals of Russian provocations (to embroil the Nations – Ed.)”, – said the adviser to the foreign Minister of Poland.

We will remind, in the village of Huta penyatskaya Brody district, Lviv region unknown for the Christmas holidays has damaged a monument with the names of poles murdered by the Nazis in 1944, izrisoval it blue-yellow and red-black paint.

Information about the incident, first published by Russian news Agency Regnum, as well as Pro-Russian publications in Ukraine. Video from the scene the attackers had placed in the newly created profile in YouTube with the name of “Vilna Ukraina” and symbolism “Right sector” in the design. This is the only video posted on the YouTube channel.

Embassy of Poland in Ukraine on Tuesday sent Ukraine’s foreign Ministry a diplomatic note in connection with the destruction of the Polish monument.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Andriy deshchitsa said that those who committed the act of vandalism in Huta-penyatskoy have nothing in common with Ukraine .