British scientists have said, what is the difference between the brains of men and women

A group of researchers led by psychologist Stuart Ritchie (Stuart Ritchie) the University of Edinburgh studied more than five thousand of MRI images from the archive of long-term studies UK Biobank, which includes data of half a million people in the UK. In total, the researchers assessed the volume of 68 brain regions of men and women aged 44 to 77 years, writes

According to the analysis, the cortex of the women were, as a rule, thicker male. The volume of the brain of men was more than women. It referred to the brain as a whole, and some regions, such as hippocampus (which affects memory and orientation in space), amygdala (emotion, memory and decision making), striped body (training, formation of conditioned reflexes) and the thalamus (processing and transmission of information from sense organs to the cortex).

However, the scatter of results among members of the same sex was also quite large, which indicates a strong differences in physical and mental development even in members of the same sex. According to scientists, the study demonstrates only a General pattern, at the same time making it impossible to determine a clear relationship between brain volume and gender.