Residential complex GreenSide – forest silence 10 minutes from the capital

What is the property?

Real estate is property that cannot be moved (e.g., area or land). If to speak not “on Wikipedia” the language, it is:
1. The property of the owner. Of course, it is possible for life to rent a house, but whatever it was – it’s nothing compared to the feeling when staying in my apartment. Because “home” only to help their masters.
2. Profitable investment. In contrast, for example, cars – the property does not lose its value over time, and often on the contrary it increases it. So between the car and the flat – choose the last option!

Why pay early?

Error 1. Most of us are waiting to gather up all the necessary money for an apartment.
Error 2. Many people are afraid to invest money in still not built house, and wait until you are ready to see everything.
Be not many and the majority – you’re smarter!
The days when you had to put the money in a handkerchief and bury in a safe place – for a long time in the past. Now there are many opportunities that will make money work for you, not the meaningless lie down somewhere.

Let’s look at all the “pros” and “cons” of buying an apartment in a new building (or future building):
+ Price. At the beginning of construction of the apartment are much less than when the house is commissioned. And, of course, equity + repairs will cost at least twice cheaper than it’s already done.
+ Freedom. In the case of buying “bare walls” you have a great opportunity to realize all your ideas of interior. It’s much harder when it comes to the finished apartment.
+ Delay. We’ve learned that it is necessary to immediately collect the entire amount, and then buy something. In this case, you have a good first opportunity to invest part of the money, and when the work – to gather up the rest to make repairs, buy furniture, etc.
+ Time. New apartment you will last much longer than the old one (even with the renovation). For anybody not a secret that the house also “wear out”? And you do not buy an apartment for a year or two, isn’t it?
– You may not be able to see my apartment right now. But not too expensive will cost you the opportunity?

The main reason that people are afraid to buy apartments in new buildings or buildings that are still in the project – distrust. And from this we must draw the right conclusions.
Not “it is better to buy something older,” And “we need to find a reliable Builder“!

Now we want to present to your attention a residential complex “GreenSide“. It will be a perfect choice if you decided to buy an apartment in Irpen.
“GreenSide” is, without exaggeration be said, this little piece of Paradise just 8 km from Kiev. This is a great place for families, the elderly, and simply those who appreciate nature. Here you can hide from the city hustle and relax, admiring the magnificent scenery. Here at the same time are a ten minute drive from the capital and in his personal comfort zone, avoiding the annoying noisy streets.
Surrounded by forests, fabulous feel like life is perfect. Are you ready for this?

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