Trump struck all

No one expected it to be easy, but the most powerful man in the world, no doubt, as the hurricane rushed to the White house and was struck by both rivals and opponents, their unstoppable. He enlisted broad support from the conservative white American Christians and relies on the economy of the conservative magnates, Industrialists. Remember that trump is first and foremost a businessman who came to work. Trump may still be far more efficient and sophisticated politician than the “wise men” that lost him the election. The election trump and his team handed out an ambitious promise, and now it is time to pay the bills.

So, before the election, trump has promised to repeal Obama introduced a health insurance system, and ten days ago, the House of representatives voted for it, taking the first step towards abolition. He promised to build a wall to stop illegal immigrants — and last week, trump signed a decree on the construction of a wall on the Mexican border. He promised to support American businesses and workers, and signed a decree on the withdrawal of the U.S. from the historic free trade agreement — the TRANS-Pacific partnership.

Trump promised to ban Muslims from entering the United States and issued a decree prohibiting the entry of nationals of countries with a Muslim majority, Syria, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Somalia. Trump promised to be tough against terrorism, and yesterday American special forces landed in southern Yemen and destroyed the militants “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization). It was the first US operation in another country after the arrival of the trump in the White house.

The presidents need to act and execute the main points of the programme, thanks to which they were elected, at the beginning of his term. It seems that the new President began to operate faster than their predecessors. He had been loud-mouthed, hypocritical attack from the controlled media in the United States liberals. As it happens in our country, in the US liberal left-wing intellectuals are not ready to accept the people’s choice.

After eight years of rule of the triumvirate in the face of the Democratic party, media corporations and tycoons, wygasa hundreds of billions of dollars from the masses and destroy the middle class, the US re-calculate the route. And not just the US. In Europe in the eve of the election is also “warmed up engines”. Many residents of the old continent repent and acknowledge that the decision to let millions of Muslim refugees were a tragic mistake that could destroy the fragile demographic balance and threaten the personal security and liberty of citizens.

The United States has every right to determine immigration policy and to protect their safety. Instead of criticizing trump, Angela Merkel and her friends must focus the efforts in a last ditch effort to save what remained of Europe. The attempt of liberals to resent the American society funded by radical left elements of dangerous and irresponsible. US still remember about the Civil war, which ended 150 years ago. Reasonable Americans need to recover, because this time it might be even more dangerous.

The author is lecturer in the School of political science at Haifa University and Director of parliamentary lobby in support of the unity of the people