Night without sleep: scientists have found seven genes insomnia

Scientists from the free University of Amsterdam found seven genes that increase the risk of developing insomnia.

For the experiment, scientists examined the genomes of more than 110 thousand volunteers. The results showed that insomnia is associated with genes play a role in the regulation of transcription the synthesis of RNA molecules using DNA as a matrix, and in exocytosis — the secretion from the cells of macromolecular compounds.

It is noted that one of the genes MEIS1, has previously been associated with two other sleep disorders syndrome, periodic limb movements and restless legs syndrome.

However, the team found strong genetic similarities with other diseases, anxiety disorders, depression, neurosis. These diseases often go hand in hand with insomnia.

In addition, it turned out, the insomnia often experienced women among the volunteers suffered from it 33% of women and only 24% of men.