100 pages of luxury: the history of the first business gloss “Money Plus”

Magazine “Money Plus” is Ukraine’s first business gloss. As an innovator in the field of printed publications and the absolute leader of sales “Money Plus” has occupied its own niche in the Ukrainian information space. During its existence, the journal has proved that is the most competitive among high-quality European publications. It objectively and clearly covers all aspects of modern life: from business and fashion to the analytical predictions and the latest innovations.

From thin newspaper up to 100 pages of gloss

The history of the formation known today of the magazine “Money Plus” full of UPS and downs, transformations and self-improvement. To understand how “Money +” failed for 15 years to be in trend and attract readership, need to go back to 2001, when the West actively developed financial markets, and in Ukraine had a vague idea of what the stock and currency exchange. It was then trying to bring their idea to life financial Advisor international company.

The first success

People directly associated with the currency market, knows all the latest economic news, attending business events in different cities, was amazed that his countrymen are acquainted with many things only superficially – the most significant events of the world passed by Ukraine. In this moment was born the first version of the popular publication – the newspaper “World of money”. From the beginning all the content fits on 4 pages and was purely exploratory in nature. The main purpose was to attempt in a simple way to convey to everyone in the country, what is financial market and what it eats.

Surprisingly the budding entrepreneur the whole circulation of the newspaper again! This meant a small victory – people were really interested in new knowledge. Over time traditional articles was not enough, the audience demanded a fresh approach. So in the weekly newspaper appeared in the financial news, political news, analytical materials, as well as economic news. And it all rested on one man, who single-handedly collected material, published and distributed newspaper!

In 2003 to meet the needs of readers one Manager, focused mostly in the financial sector, it became unbearable. So was invited to the team first experts, were made the first steps toward “reforming” the newspaper, whose name was changed to the more succinct newspaper “Money”. Now a subtle issue can inform readers about current events, “to enlighten” in different issues, entertain pages with crossword puzzles. As soon as the world evolved and went forward, it was necessary to stay ahead of its rapid pace to stay afloat. The editors of the newspaper changed the design, fill the column until I brought the final product to the already well-known magazine “Money”.

Not enough female hands

In the fall of 2016 the chief editor of “Money” was the Elvira Gavrilova, also known as the founder of the fashion brand “Elvira Gavrilova”. A fresh look at things pulled a full rebranding publications from the quality paper to content. The bold color solution changed the logo, and the magazine began to attract famous politicians, musicians, actors and athletes, which can now be seen on the cover of every room. The density of the pages increased in proportion to their content: I agree, much nicer to hold in your hands a quality newspaper, than a mediocre and narrow-minded newspaper.

So, if earlier the newspaper “Money” could tell you all about the money and financial markets, the diversity of the business gloss “Money Plus”:

  • specialists ‘ opinions about the luxury cars;
  • motivating article for self-development;
  • reviews of unique events and novelties in the world;
  • the views of opinion leaders on controversial issues;
  • the best Analytics from partners on an international level;
  • economic news and forecasts;
  • fashion trends and more!

Magazine “Money Plus”: think globally, act locally

According to this principle of Uotani Masahiko, President of Shiseido in 1980-e years has completely transformed the job of your cosmetics company. Having set a clear goal, he looked at the progress in the world “from above” and applied innovation in their business. Analysing every step and focusing on the features of population Japan, Shiseido Group stood in a row with the largest Japanese conglomerates.

And again the secret of success sounds so: “think globally, act locally”. This statement is fairly applicable to today’s policy of the team of “Money Plus”. Diversity and focus on your target audience made the Ukrainian business gloss one of a kind. Now the need to purchase several specialized and narrowly focused magazines disappears by itself.

Financial market

International academic rating of popularity “Golden fortune” noted the high level of the magazine “Money Plus”. The members of the jury unequivocally argued that the contribution of the editorial office of the Ukrainian society has raised the level of financial awareness of the population doubled.

The rubric, once the fundamental of the newspaper “Money”, brought the publication of the first award. So now financial news stock and currency exchange to help the market participants to always stay updated with political news allow them to make predictions on further fluctuation of quotations of stocks and options.

Analytics and quotes

Although their views on the future situation of the market may be incorrect, it would be great to have ready and accurate guidance regarding the transactions, isn’t it? International partners support the magazine “Money Plus”, providing the most recent and accurate forecasts from their financial experts, each of whom is a practitioner trader with years of experience. Experts make a detailed analysis of the financial situation on the market with reference to economic news, give considered and reasoned answers to questions of entrepreneurs. The highest accuracy of prognosis and professional opinion for which every businessman has to pay, can be found in the pages of “Money Plus”.

IT technology and cars

Technocratic society periodically shake new discoveries and inventions of scientific experts. In turn, they should cause no normal curiosity and commercial interest, because innovations are not for the reason, a technological breakthrough is made not to be proud of in absentia for humanity. Announcements and reviews on the latest gadgets hold a special place in the magazine.

In addition, a new column, which is authored by, no joke, has also become Elvira Gavrilova, enjoys great popularity among motorists. Large companies such as Audi and BMW are willing to give reports about their new models and give the opportunity to the journalists of “Money Plus” test cars specifically for video releases on the YouTube channel of publication:


Business coaching

Every self-respecting modern man, no matter male or female, doesn’t just want to realize themselves in life, but to have a business that brings profit and pleasure. Creative startups and ideas from scratch require competent implementation. None of the free online course will not tell you everything about money and the accumulation of capital, and the “crust” of the University does not guarantee the achievement of the heights.

Another thing is to contact “coach”, specialist, reached a business goal, which will be advised just to grow spiritually, and share the real principles of success. For beginners and more advanced businessmen are ready to pay exorbitant amounts just to get on the course such professionals like Felix Morozov, Alexei Latenko, Ninel NEGURA and Evgeniya Shatunova. Then, as readers of “Money” took care of the magazine team, having signed a contract with famous coaches! Now just open the issue and read their instructions and detailed recommendations.

Health and leisure

Bright future behind positive thinking and what can think of a successful person after a productive working day? Right! How to rejuvenate and keep yourself in shape than to dine with the benefit of themselves and where to spend an eventful evening. Answers to such seemingly minor issues are also on the pages of “Money Plus”. Reviews and expert advice will help to maintain the health and well-being. Sports instruction from the trainer and the secrets of proper nutrition give way to interviews with multiple world Champions in various sports. Reviews of chic restaurants and most famous hotels – especially for those who like to try new things, to dwell in luxury and spending time with comfort.

Fashion and style

Regardless, in the workplace, at social evening or in the Park, you need to look presentable. Not only men in expensive suits want to stay in trend, therefore, focus attention on the fact that the ranks of successful and financially independent is rapidly diluted by the fair sex. Editor and fashion designer Elvira Gavrilova on your example proves that the businesswoman should possess the knowledge and to look the part. The fashion industry is not standing still and is certainly one of the most important aspects of life. The appearance of this column, was expecting as many Ukrainian and foreign brands interested in collaboration. With renowned designers and fashion critics are supported warm relations, so the “Money Plus” reviews and opinions about new trends can be found in each issue, which so well fits even in a woman’s handbag.

Opinion leaders

“Highlight” of each thematic issue becomes a well-known personality, such as Andrey Makarevich, Alexey Gorbunov Veronica Chmykh and others. Professional journalists are doing a routine interview of a pleasant conversation, it helps the celebrities to talk about the most important, to share the exclusive details of their success, reveal nuances that have played in their lives the primary role. Each room contains an interview that reveals the story of prosperity and glory. The editorial Board often takes some advice and life rules as a basis, because communication with such people is incredibly energizing and inspiring. How not to share with readers? Articles are motivated to Excel, given the opportunity to change the way of thinking and to go forward together with the team “Money Plus”.

Charity project “Help”

Newspaper “Money” at the time, was popular in narrower circles, although it should be noted that if negative criticism were not exposed. With the expansion of borders, innovations and increasing the audience of the magazine “Money Plus” began to attract more and more attention. The high quality and in gratitude for “moderation economy” editorial Board “Money Plus” in 2012 became a laureate of the “Silver caduceus”. Prestigious awards and positive reviews about “Money Plus” the strongest argument in favor of the quality and relevance of the publication.

Also, the owners of the magazine was not spared the theme of charity. Ukrainian project “HELP” began its history from here, then separated and became a separate entity from “Money Plus”. The feedback on the work of volunteers, true stories of citizens can be viewed on the official website: http://only-help.com/ru

In addition, the magazine team is open for communication with the audience, gladly accepts the recommendations of readers and takes them on a note, everyone can write to e-mail your comments or feedback. About “Money Plus”, you can hear an objective assessment from the critics, and they celebrate the uniqueness of the business of the gloss and the pragmatic value of content.

“Money Plus” – for the benefit of the modern businessman

We can not agree what to hold in your hands the latest issue of the magazine was a real aesthetic pleasure, this is not a news feed scroll. But as the advanced edition, following the progress of the “Money Plus” has an Internet version, which contains headings that are not included in the log. Unfortunately readers favorite magazine comes out only once a month. The editors have taken care to ensure that you receive the latest news every day! In addition, on this website you can find analytical calendar, read the blogs of registered users of the site (it is also possible to become a full-fledged blogger “Money Plus”, just by submitting an application).

Thus, the website http://www.dengi-info.com represents the diversity of relevant topics, allowing the reader to find any interesting topic in one place! Site content is divided into:

  • political news;
  • financial news;
  • economic news;
  • quotes (including economic calendar);
  • blogs;
  • personal budget;
  • lifestyle and others.

The opportunity to subscribe to become even more accessible!

As all do not conclude on a single resource for users of YouTube is the channel on which the journalists of “Money Plus” to quickly cover all aspects of the cultural life of modern man: from the review of the car to fashion shows and interviews. The channel is the link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6_zZukitOAWu77AZ4s7V3w

Thus, the “Money Plus” does not limit your ability to stay in the center of events and to develop. Buy a magazine, visit a website, watch on YouTube