In the budget of Ukraine does not have enough money for subsidies

Outside the window — the beginning of summer, but experts in the field of incomposite now fear that the Ukrainians are facing a tough winter. Reason: the budget is not enough money for compensation of services of suppliers of electricity, heat, gas, garbage cleaners.

Simple — the vast majority of the population, including those who receive subsidies, paid for his part in the invoices, but the state does its part of the delay. Moreover, as it turned out, the Treasury did not have enough money to fulfill its obligations. While the results of topstone already used for subsidies of about 35 billion UAH from the inherent in the state budget of 47.1 billion In some regions, where the lowest earnings and, accordingly, a large number of subsidianes (this primarily Central and Western region), has selected the annual quotas for subsidies.

According to experts, you need another 30 billion “real” money, otherwise public utilities will be impossible to prepare for the new topstone: to test and repair if necessary of the heating, insulate the house, finally, there is the banal everyday problem with the failure to remove the waste. It is obvious that the debt crisis hits all: the poor without government assistance can’t pay the bills, the utilities do not have enough funds to pay energy suppliers, producers accumulated debts to the energy market and breaks down the implementation of investment programs on modernization. Changes in the budget need to be made before the end of the current session of the Parliament, i.e. until 15 July — not much time is left. Ignoring the problem will lead to financial collapse and degradation of the power system.

POWER. Until the changes are approved at Cabinet of Ministers, but officials are preparing to give only half of what is needed. Last Friday, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman promised to add 15 billion due to the additional revenues of the budget:

“We already know the figure and I want to assure you that the government this month will ask the Parliament’s support, will make proposals for reallocation of 15 billion in benefits subsidies to enterprises CTV and all others who provide public services”.

Why now have to patch the hole, officials answered evasively, saying that technical problems, it is impossible to accurately calculate how much will be subsidianes and what amount of money you will need for subsidies. Suppliers komuslug already sounding the alarm: for example, power supplying company “Kyivenergo” appealed to the government to repay to the company the arrears of benefits and subsidies in excess of

1 billion for the normal heat of the capital. The ” % ” of the state budget in January — April, nearly 80 billion UAH. According to the Association of Ukrainian cities (AUC), the situation is no better in other towns.

“We raised the issue back in April, is now agreement on the allocation of 15 billion UAH “real money” condominiums and enterprises to CTV, the vote in Parliament scheduled for 22 June. This is partly solve the problem, but you still have about the same” — told us the Executive Director of ASU’s Alexander Slobodyan. Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko called an even greater amount: is 62 billion UAH (47+15) and 75 billion if not to Finance the state program on energy efficiency.

EXPERTS. Experts in the field of komuslug and economists also recognize the complexity of the problem with repayment of debts on subsidies and fear that with the new topstone officials will try to solve it at the expense of the population.

“An additional 15 billion may be enough for subsidies because their recipients will be less, — explained the President Ukranalittsentra Alexander Ohrimenko. — After increasing mentorplace from January 1, doubled to 3200 UAH without subsidies on bills will remain 1.5—2 million families (approximately 20-25% treated with), and the remaining state aid is for this reason considerably reduced. But this is not enough, need at least 20 billion UAH”. The ex-Minister of housing, Chairman of the Union of homeowners Oleksiy Kucherenko said that the officials have painted themselves into a remote corner, raising two years ago the price of gas of own extraction for the population and CTV to Europe, allegedly at the request of the IMF. Although the IMF was talking about market prices, i.e. gas should not be sold for less than cost, and the Ukrainian gas production is about five times cheaper than paying for him the population and CTV. “Hence the high unfounded rates, and the lack of money in the Treasury for subsidies. The situation is hard: already started off in many cities, including Kiev, people sit without hot water due to the fact that CHP and boiler is turned off for nonpayment of the gas. Suffer and condominiums, who paid for the beneficiaries from the money of all the members-owners and vainly waiting, the authorities will repay the debt” — summed up the expert.