How to feel happier at work: the TOP 5 lifehacks

Work occupies a large place in the life of a working person. At the same time to find the perfect place that would suit all, not everyone can.

To be in a good mood and do their job, presented the TOP 5 lifehacks that will make the working day more pleasant.

1. Take care of those issues which are most afraid of

Follow the exhausting tasks that you avoid, and say goodbye to the horrible “hanging” feeling, which absorbs your energy. If you will be able to cope with these tasks in the morning, you will not need to constantly think about them throughout the day. It can increase your energy level and vigor.

Studies show that unhappy people are more likely to fixate on negative things, than happy. Focus on the negative can drain you both mentally and physically.

2. Do not dwell on negative things

Avoid negative people and negative conversations. Focus your thoughts on what you like at work, and not on things that put you off or upset.

3. Follow through on your promises

Do what you promised yourself. When you are not able to perform what you promised, your mood may be severely degraded. Regardless of whether it is preparing a new trade offers, duration of the project or report, make sure you meet your obligations.

4. Make a list of what you like in work

What do you like best about your job? There is always something. List all things that bring pleasure – from the global to the smallest. Make a list of things for which you are grateful. This will increase the positive perception of work and life in General.

5. Be distracted from the computer

Take a break for a few minutes and talk with a colleague. Go for a walk during your lunch break. A walk in the fresh air and sun exposure will in itself improve mood and productivity.

Don’t forget we are at work approximately one third of your day, so you should pay attention to how we spend this time and what to do to feel better.