Fasting has a positive effect on the brain – scientists

A group of scientists at Swansea University have found out that ghrelin known as the hunger hormone, which is secreted before eating food and increases the appetite, stimulates the process of neurogenesis – the formation and integration of new brain cells. In addition, this hormone protects brain cells from the negative effects of aging, writes, “Orthodox”.

According to the results of earlier studies established that ghrelin may improve cognitive function in animals. In experimental rodents, which were introduced hunger hormone, has shown good results in the tests aimed at learning and memory.

It should also be noted that in the brain of rodents increased the number of neural connections – synapses.

In the framework of the new study, the experts were introduced into the brain cells of rodents which were reared in a Petri dish. The results showed that a hunger hormone activates the gene that encodes the fibroblast growth factor proteins play an important role in the process of neurogenesis.