What to do if diet there is razreshitelniy

“Trying to lose weight, but the weight is reduced slowly. I hate. Hate this healthy lifestyle! What is a quick but effective exercise to bring the nerves back to normal?”, Veronica Knyazeva.

Meets Boris Skachko, doctor-nutritionist, phytotherapist:

No need for any exercise — they you relieve tension only temporarily. You need to realize that the feeling of “hate” you just need to give up. It seem too trite and it’s hard, but I assure you, no. Remember (pardon the comparison), it is only awareness of the inadmissibility of such a lifestyle and thoughts helps alcoholics to give up the addiction. It is a sincere decision makes the therapy effective.

Therefore not “capitivate” going negative: he pushes to self-blame like “That other people eat plates and not get fat, and I was “overweight”. The body is protected by lowering the metabolism and you will gain weight even from fruit.
And in any case do not starve! When the body does not get energy every day, the brain sends a signal “to pick up” idea. If unbearable to see out excess weight, spend two days on chocolate (but better one): during the day in six receptions associte 150 g chocolate 2-3 tsp. honey (also not for the times). And drink water — about 2.5 L. Leaves 1-3 kg (depending on initial weight), and you will increase motivation to continue the struggle for an improvement.

And be sure to divide your diet into 5-6 receptions. At the fractional power no spikes insulin levels (which keeps appetite in check) and cortisol (an excess leads to the formation of fats).
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