Portuguese spy is accused of selling Russia classified information that jeopardized the security of NATO and intelligence services

The investigation conducted in respect of Karvalju Lived Frederico (Frederico Carvalhão Gil), who was arrested in Rome a year ago, confirms the accusations of espionage, disclosing state secrets and corruption that were brought against him as part of operation Top Secret.

Through the officer in the Portuguese Service of information and security (SIS) Frederico Karvalju Lived Russian security services had received secret information about the NATO defence system and contact details of agents, officials and sources, the national intelligence services. The Prosecutor’s office was to indict the Portuguese agent, who was arrested may 21, 2016 in Rome and all that time was under house arrest with an electronic bracelet, no later than last Thursday. We are talking about crimes such as espionage, disclosure of state secrets and corruption, for them Karvalju Mine will have to answer before the court under unprecedented in our country and perhaps in the world of forensic investigation, conducted by the National Department against terrorism (UNCT), the Portuguese criminal police under the leadership of the Main Department for investigation and criminal offences (DCIAP). The Russian “partner” of the crime, who was a member of the SVR (the predecessor of the Soviet KGB), will also be charged with bribery because of his hand Karvalju Lived received money in exchange for access to secret documents. Submitted by spy’s alibi, according to which the meetings with the Russian business was discussed the issues related to the import of Portuguese olive oil, not based on any facts.

Collected during the last years evidence, according to investigators, confirmed the worst fears: spy committed treason, money transmitting “enemy” side information about national security, defense, NATO and the Portuguese intelligence services and thereby jeopardizing the system and institutions. All this lasted at least since 2011, during which time the place of meeting was nearly two dozen countries, and the materials passed Karvalju were considered valuable and well paid — an average of ten thousand euros for a “package”. This sum was found at spy at the time of arrest in Italy, where he met with his accomplice of the foreign intelligence service of the Russian Federation. Material taken from the Russian agent Sergei Nikolaevich Pozdnyakov, also supported the version of espionage.

The extent of the damage potentially done to the reputation of the country and the security of NATO, is considered “incalculable”, and investigators were aware of the challenge his assessment in court. They understand what they have to deal: we are talking about dozens of secret documents of special interest to the government of Vladimir Putin, the confiscation of valuables, carefully tested banking accounts, materials tracking and auditions. They know that Karvalju Lived learned from SIS confidential reports that are not allowed to leave the building services and that he kept them at home, thus violating a state secret.

Among them, according to the magazine Sábado, reports on NATO exercises as a representative of SIS, he participated in several meetings in preparation for these operations, which were intended to identify the vulnerability of the Alliance — which clearly appears the NATO defense system. To spy also found were lists of staff and sources of the Portuguese secret services with contact information and profiles, including current and former heads — it is possible that all of these materials are already in Pozdnyakova. “There is no doubt that SVR is interested in all this, especially in the security issues of the Alliance. Thanks to this mole in one of the allied NATO countries, they managed to find a door, “through which you could spy on every move of the Alliance,” says a source knowledgeable about the details of the case.

By the time the Portuguese government decided to attack by launching a Top Secret operation, which resulted in the arrest of two spies, the investigation has progressed significantly. The DCIAP investigation and UNCT lasted for six months, and the Portuguese intelligence services received from their foreign colleagues on information held within their country’s “secret” meeting of Portuguese and Russian spies, has taken strict control measures, simultaneously, the growing confidence in the fact of treason.

Eventually found out that the failures of counterintelligence operations connected with the Russian special services in our country, was caused by a leak, which could only be Karvalju Lived.

The Secretary-General of the information System of the Republic of Portugal (SIRP) at the meeting with journalists in June 2016, said that “after a period of internal investigations initiated as a result of signs of insolvency of the operational actions in the field of counter-intelligence, and with the support of international services was collected conclusive evidence for covert meetings abroad between the SIS employee and other agent of the foreign intelligence service”.