Health care reform: who will pay for the treatment

In Ukraine starts medifarma. MPs last week voted in first reading two draft laws filed by the Ministry of health. They should change the principle of funding of medical care. Thus, the law No. 6327 introduces the concept of partially paid medical and guaranteed free services. The second bill No. 6329 Happy failed. According to it, the state would calculate a single for all countries tariff per medical service. To maintain and develop hospital needs local councils. About the details of the upcoming medical reform recognize the site Today.

Who will pay for the medicine

“We need to stop lying and start telling the truth,” – commented the Ukrainian free medicine acting Minister of health Suprun. According to her, in the budget there is no money to treat everyone for free, so it would be fair to introduce a co-payment. In this approach, the state sets the rate, for example, for the planned operation and part of the physician’s work pays from the budget, the remaining amount must pay to the health insurance Fund patient.

Until 2020 Ukraine will introduce a co-payment for treatment in hospitals. Photo: A. Yaremchuk.

Free will remain the primary medical care services, General practitioner, family doctor and pediatrician. The state also will pay for emergency and palliative care.Innovation will come into force gradually. In 2018, the Ministry of health will change the financing of primary care. So, the government will pay the doctor the primary 210 per year for each accepted patient. To do this, the therapists, family doctors and pediatricians of the sign with the patients agreement. Until 2020 to change the payment of work of physicians specialised and highly specialised medicine. Part of the co-payment will annually determine the Cabinet. And the national health service will pay hospitals for providing medical services. This service will create by 2020. According to estimates of the Ministry of health in 2020 Ukrainians will pay for medical services in the amount of 11-13% of total health financing. The law specified who can be treated completely free of charge or on preferential terms:

  • the participants of the ATO;
  • people with disabilities;
  • pensioners;
  • children of war
  • victims of the Chernobyl accident.
  • children;
  • other socially vulnerable Ukrainians.

Hospitals will need to sign up online

On the adopted law, Ukraine will start working the e-health system E-Health. So, medical records will be electronic Ukrainians, and to the doctor can be booked online. First and foremost, the program will join the hospital in which already there is the Internet and computers. Later, the system will work all over the country.

The electronic system will begin to fill from July. Photo: Archive

“Doctors no longer have to spend half a day to fill the papers. All will be available on a single resource. The doctor should heal, not do paperwork,” said Suprun.

The patient will be able to keep track of the work schedule of the physician availability in hospital free medicines. The physician will make entries in the electronic health record. History of disease, vaccination and the results will be in the profile of the patient on the eHealth website. First, in the eHealth register of therapists, family doctors and pediatricians. Later the system will go a specialized doctor. To date, the Ministry of health has prepared a demo version of the electronic system

What the law failed MPs and why was he important

 “Deputies suggest to leave all funds under the control of the vertical corruption of medical officials and not to introduce any legal co-payments – because we have “free health care”! Maybe you see this free assistance? I see some cars all over the country travel medical officials with a salary of 6000 hryvnia,” – responded to the failure of the bill, the acting Minister of health Suprun.

The Deputy Olga Bogomolets has criticized the bill. According to her, there is not a single digit, which would be talked about safeguards for medical services. In addition, the bills passed a parliamentary Committee on health.

“The Ministry of health and the Cabinet are unable last year to meet what will be included in the basic package of guaranteed medical services. How much will people pay for copayments? The Committee agreed that both draft and bill Muse and the Ministry of health – should be improved. Who will be worse? Will be denied the right to get to the hospital people with mental illness, people will not be able to get help on the autopsy, post-mortem because the service does not relate to guarantees. Mothers, orphans, children with developmental disabilities will not be able to get on the elective surgery – all will be required to pay. The question is how much?” – said the Deputy.

According to Uliana Suprun, Parliament opposes health care reform. Фото:112.иа

The bills submitted by the Ministry of health are interrelated. No draft law # 6329, a bill on financial guarantees provision of medical services backed by money from the state budget. This means that the whole reform will not work. By the way, according to optimistic forecasts, the Ministry of health to consider the bill as a whole deputies have June 22. According to Suprun, the Ministry of health will re-introduce a bill that MPs voted for it before the end of the session.

“To implement the financing reforms need to take these bills in the package. No draft law 6329 concept of reform is simply impossible to be implemented. No change in Budget code change in the financing of health care will not” – said the Manager of the medical group of the Reanimation package of reforms Alexander Yabchenko.

By the way the bill proposed to remove from the Budget code of health subvention to local budgets. The state would limit the guaranteed package of free services. Also, the project introduces the concept of regional medical programs. Local councils could decide in what areas you can help patients and hospitals.