Young teacher in US arrested for having sex with three students

In North Carolina (USA) 25-year-old mathematics teacher of initial classes of Macauley Erin was arrested on suspicion of sexual relations with three high school students and inappropriate behaviour with younger, reports TSN.

The investigation against a teacher began in may, when officials of the school where he worked was detained, addressed to militiamen with the appropriate treatment. Detectives spoke with students and staff of the school, then decided to arrest Eric.

It is noted that sex with a minor, the teacher had on campus. She got fired from the elementary school where she worked for almost a year, in early may, and told the police about the unacceptable behaviour of women.

Police say two victims were detained for 17 years, one 16. The court chose the woman a measure of restraint in form of detention with possibility of bail in 20 thousand dollars. The first hearing will be held on June 12.