The political results of the week: the era of trump and blockade of Donbass

By mid-February and the world, and Ukraine moved away from a long Christmas hibernation. The Munich security conference and the situation of the blockade of Donbass forced politicians to intensify the search for the answer to the question of how to live 2017.

MUNICH, TRUMP AND WE. Which started yesterday at the Munich conference was the first international platform on which will be formulated by the new world order era trump. The difficulty is that the American President, it seems, still has developed its own concept of order or does not issue fully, because of the resistance of the Washington establishment. Therefore, some of his actions seem contradictory.However, one key word that will determine the global agenda for the coming years has already been called – pragmatism. Trump deserves all the abstract ideological values for which America paid to other States dollar, now the dollar becomes the highest value.

This is amply demonstrated by the speech of the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis meeting with NATO colleagues, where he was given an ultimatum: either Europe increases military spending, or the States will reduce the participation in its defense.

This approach of the White house radically changes the situation for Ukraine. However, the President trump has departed from the rhetoric of a candidate trump: it no longer says that Crimea chose Russia, and by the mouth of his spokesman even said that he expects Moscow to return the Peninsula to Kiev. However, the Ukrainian authorities make it clear that free financial aid from Washington will not. And even the price for IMF loans will increase substantially.

In such circumstances, for the survival of the Ukraine need a change of course. Not ideology and economic pragmatism should be the policy of Ukraine in 2017.

THE CHALLENGE OF TECHNOLOGY – 2. Wednesday’s negotiation group in Minsk tried to make a step in this direction. The decision to withdraw heavy weapons from the demarcation line until February 20. This decision, of course, waited in Avdeevka and in Donetsk and in Makeyevka, who for several weeks suffered from shelling. However, you need not only the decision but also monitor its implementation. After all, last year heavy weapons are already relegated and have even begun to develop the security sector according to the plan of Steinmeier, but all that fell during several days in January 2017.

BLOCKADE. On the situation in the Donbass yesterday it was at a meeting of the NSDC. However, the focus was not fighting, and the blockade of transport routes, launched in January with one section in the Luhansk region, but this week developed into a global problem for the state.

On Monday, the Ministry announced the crisis of the coal-anthracite and called on the authorities to introduce a state of emergency in the energy sector. Then twice met the Cabinet, and on Wednesday he has imposed a state of emergency, which means if necessary rolling blackouts for a number of areas in Eastern and Central Ukraine, including Kiev, as well as possible heating is switched off in several regions, including the left Bank of Kiev.

The Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman explained that the government has taken a decision that is within its powers, and the root of the problem – the blockade, which takes place in a combat zone and therefore is the responsibility of the Council.

Yesterday criticized the actions of “activists” and President Petro Poroshenko, saying that the blockade of railway tracks in Donbas is a destabilizing factor for the country. “We will find the optimal path for the cessation of the blockade,” he said.

PENSION WAR. Another front on which the government now have to work actively, negotiations with the IMF. It is clear that tranche in February will not, as it did not receive in January. But the problem is not the waiting, but the fact that the IMF openly requires raising the retirement age. The government made a number of unpopular measures for the sake of credits, but disagree on the growth of pension plank from 60 to 63 years doesn’t want.

During the week, the media got an alternative, which offer the Fund. The gist of it – encouraging people to retire as late as possible. Another alternative to the significant increase of insurance. Speech can go even about the fact that the right to pension can be given only to those who have the seniority not less than 35 years. But no pensions can stay workers and those working illegally. In General, all those who do not pay taxes and contributions in Pensfond.

FREE PRICES. Another solution, which is going to take permanently to legitimize the autumn and the decision to cancel the regulation of prices for social products. Then it took three months, and the experiment was declared successful. Although the increase by 10-20% in the price of bread, chicken and dairy products can hardly be called a successful experiment. The problem is not even one-off price increases associated with restrictions. The problem is that in the absence of the upper limit of allowances prices on soprodukta will jump every time the cash market will spill large amount if increases mentorplace or payments to clients of the broken banks. And the impact all this will have on the wallets of the poorest.