Dossier on whisky: what’s in it and how to drink Golden “drink of life”

Summer — a little life, and her need to try to conduct with feeling, plainly and emphatically. And to arrange a mini-output is possible even in the midst of a busy week — just came home after work and organizing a summer terrace on the balcony. To do this quite a bit: a comfortable chair, soft music and a glass with a drink such as whiskey. It does not require the hassle of preparing snacks and is very relaxing, and it needs just one “dream”: for example in Scotland which is the birthplace of whiskey, call it serving. Good dram — three fingers from the bottom. “Dramati” you need not hurry, holding for a few seconds chilled drink in your mouth, enjoying its taste and aroma (therefore it is desirable that beside you was not a bouquet of flowers).

By the way, taste and smell, depending on the country of production, can be very different. So, classic Scotch whiskey — Scotch — tart taste (the drink is aged at least three years in oak barrels) and smoky smell. It appears due to the fact that barley (and no other options!) dried in an oven burning by tradition of peat. In addition, due to large deposits on the island, the water has a peaty smell. But the American whiskey — Bourbon — due to the fact that is made mainly from corn, has a sweet taste.

There are four types of whiskey: malt, grain, blended (a mixture of malt and grain) and Bourbon. What will be your favorite, can only be determined by tasting.

THE WATER OF LIFE. It malt whisky contains ellagic acid — a powerful antioxidant, which can prevent the development of heart diseases and cancer (naturally in moderation). Interestingly, due to this healing property in the United States during prohibition whiskey was the only permitted alcoholic beverage, however, it was sold only in pharmacies. And in Scotland it is still the best remedy for colds is considered toddy: it’s made with Scotch, hot tea and honey (no wonder translated from the Celtic whiskey means “water of life”).

And even with the whiskey it is possible to improve not only health, but finances, because every year the cost of the drink increases. So it is also called “liquid gold”. By the way, there is even a special market for trade in the whisky World Whisky Index.