The French “Republicans” are preparing a reserve candidate for the presidential race – media

The French centre-right political party “the Republicans” may think of a plan for the replacement of the candidate in presidents of France Francois Fillon, if he will be indicted on charges of “fictitious work” to his wife and sons.
This is reported BFMTV and Reuters.

According to BFMTV, head of Department of internal policy of the French magazine l Obs Karol Burgon says that “Republicans” are preparing a secret “plan B” in case Fillon will be forced to withdraw from the presidential race.

She believes that the President of the Union for French democracy, Francois Bayrou (it is unknown whether he will run for President) can get benefit from “new opportunities”.

“Given the way things are going, I think we should go to the fallback position,” he told Reuters on condition of anonymity, one of the deputies from the party of Fillon.
“Plan “B”. Many are already thinking and working on it, but is open about it, no one says,” – said the Agency one more Deputy from “Republican”.

As you know, in France, broke out of public controversy, when the newspaper Le Canard Enchaîné published an investigation which claimed that Penelope Fillon for several years was listed as an assistant with françois Fillon at the National Assembly and received the allotted salary, but “did not perform any specific duties.” She was paid 500 thousand euros.

The scandal took a very serious turn. Local media dubbed the case “Penelopiad” because it risks to affect the outcome of the campaign Fillon, long considered the undisputed favorite.

Already a few hours after the appearance of the publication of the French Prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation to determine the circumstances of the theft of public funds by creating fictitious jobs.

François Fillon has already declared that will act with the election, if he becomes involved in the investigation, initiated against his wife.

As you know, polling data centres Kantar-Sofres-Onepoint for Le Figaro, RTL and LCI show that the lead in the first round of elections is held by the head of the far-right marine Le Pen for her ready to vote 25% of the electorate. Second place with 22% predicting the right-wing candidate, françois Fillon. Third place with a score of 21% – the former economy Minister Emmanuel Macron.

At the same time in the second round Le Pen loses and Fillon, and Makron. In particular, if the opponent will be the former Prime Minister, the leader of the far right can claim 40% and Fillon – 60%.

In a pair of the same Le Pen – the Makron, the latter wins with 65% against 35%. Also Makron can win if his opponent in the second round will be Fillon with a score of 58% against 42%.