“This is blackmail”: Piontkovsky explained Putin’s decree on nuclear weapons

Sitting in the Kremlin crazy, but not enough to go to nuclear war against Ukraine, says expert

Russian President Vladimir Putin has defined the conditions of a nuclear strike by signing the appropriate doctrine. However, there are opinions that this was not done just for the sake of protecting his people. Russian political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky called it nuclear blackmail both the West and Ukraine, especially amid Kiev’s attempts to revive the Budapest Memorandum. He told about it on air of TV channel “Ukraine is 24”.

According to him, Putin’s decision on the nuclear doctrine is designed for the outside world, not in order to appease the Russians.

“For the first time issued a presidential decree – this demonstrative action. In General, there is the military doctrine of the Russian Federation, it is somewhat edited. All text about nuclear deterrence there rewritten almost word for word. It is intended not so much on the domestic consumer, how much of the outside world. This is nuclear blackmail, which Russia is actively taking a variety of forms in the last four years. Remember, Putin boasted that during the Crimean operation, he went into a state of combat readiness of nuclear forces? Our TV says all the time that will turn the United States into radioactive ash… the Usual style of Russian propaganda,” – said Piontkovsky.

At the same time, he pointed out that immediately after the publication of the decree by Putin, for “work” took well-known Russian promoter Vladimir Solovyov threats to Ukraine.

“Solovyov has developed a “bridge”: “you Have written in the Constitution that you aspire to become a NATO member, therefore, you are going to place the troops of a potential enemy on our border. So do not say that you have not read these documents.” It was blackmail of Ukraine by the application against it of nuclear weapons. Of course, Moscow is crazy, but not enough to go to nuclear war against Ukraine”, – said the analyst.

The Russian expert added that Moscow is responding to the discussions about a possible return to the format of the Budapest Memorandum for the settlement of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

As reported “Today”, former Deputy of the State Duma of Russia Ilya Ponomarev told, will there be a nuclear Ukraine, Putin’s decree. He believes that it is more a reminder to NATO countries.