Why you need a smokescreen Poroshenko?

Today, many ask why the Ukrainians have suffered a revolution of 2013-2014? What did they want? The queue for the biometric passports, tenuous Association with Europe, strange and ephemeral idea of “away from Russia”? Or is it they wanted European countries, real government transparency, the end of cynicism, poverty, and lies…

Three years of the reign of Peter Poroshenko behind, and the Ukraine thrive — opaque arrangements, corruption and impunity. And how many promises, declarations, vows, hot Ukrainian people? One of them was mentioned by the President, especially the business should be separated from politics and he is Poroshenko — the first ready to sell.


“As President I will care only about the welfare of the state” — said the presidential candidate Petro Poroshenko. I will soon sell it — said the newly elected President Poroshenko. But now, three years later, and we see in the presidential Palace, the wealthy businessman Poroshenko. His Bank is thriving, he is firmly in the top five of Ukrainian oligarchs. With the General crisis and military conflict, Poroshenko did not become poorer. On the contrary, it companies in Ukraine, Europe and offshore have been developing and getting richer. Maybe that’s why not visible the end and edge and a very strange protracted war in Eastern Ukraine. Yes, it is fine business in Ukraine, but the head of state remained the owner of the confectionery factory in Lipetsk, in the Russia which Peter leads a Holy war.

What helps the President to stay afloat? The recipe is paradoxical and beyond cynical. Here in one bottle, nepotism, disregard for laws and mutual responsibility. All seasoned with their own numerous media resources. And “the icing on the cake” — flirting with the patriots.

Latest forced. Time is relentless and soon again will need to be re-elected for a second term. It is clear that just the usual electoral will — Peter A. this would be, Oh, how difficult. Therefore, it is entered in the plan of the so-called smoke screen. The main swing, to distract people from the urgent problems. For example, to raise the question about the language or about the renaming of streets, or in extreme cases — about dual citizenship. Lo and behold, the crisis, corruption will not notice for squabbles. One word, people need to switch. And under the guise of a second round of elections to bring a losing candidate, ultra-nationalist, or unacceptable to Western Ukraine representative bloodless East. But the card falls, so the current government can play to the fact that these two outsiders and will face in the second round. Then, the fun will be…

Implausible, you say. But in the real West projections this option is discussed in all seriousness more and more. Judge for yourself — despite all the promises, Poroshenko did not get rid of your business. A list of his assets is striking. Austria. Cyprus. Gibraltar. Poland. And of course a huge list in Ukraine. But particularly the Ukrainian President Spain. There, they say, the main number of his most valuable assets in the estate. And feature they are rumored to be somehow very mysterious. For a front dam (this, of course, a value judgment of the author).

There is such a small company FERUVITA SL. The share capital of the company amounts to more than 4 million euros. Management and it listed some Irina Petrivska — the lady with yet a Ukrainian passport, but with a residence permit in Spain. But not one “Gerovital” rich is a humble citizen.

Property from this lady serious. At home in Malaga and Marbella. Each of more than 1200 meters. Urban farm in Alcora (castellón). Housing in Valladolid Calancha ESTEPONA (málaga). Well, dozens of companies and properties.

Anyway, these companies can not change their transactions in the millions. Note — not in UAH. But the most important thing is not it. If you pay attention to the names of the owners and managers, it is the same old familiar Kononenko, Svinarchuk. Longtime and loyal partners of the Ukrainian President. And not the last people in the political establishment of Ukraine. Kononenko is one of the managers of the presidential bloc in Parliament.

An even more interesting character Oleg Svinarchuk. It’s in Spain he Svinarchuk, and in Ukraine he is Gladkovsky. Very comfortable to hold public office under the same name, and to conduct its business under another. While in Ukraine he is the real head of the largest defensive concern “Ukroboronprom”, the same one that is engaged in supply of a belligerent without the rest of the Ukrainian army. Well, in Spain he is humble shareholder assets, which are called prinadlezhashie Commander.

However, the business get the brackets… But it’s not disgusting cronyism, the very thing for which so disliked the third President Viktor Yushchenko? Then the concept of “love of friends” — became a household word. And at the same time the symbol of the incompetent and unintelligible policy of Yushchenko. By the way, Poroshenko was one of these “friends”, maybe that’s why he so quickly created this shameful practice in post-revolutionary Ukraine?

This immorality becomes the main issue Poroshenko. You can’t fool everyone. What whispering Ukrainian man in the street, loudly discussing in offices in Europe and the United States. And there is somehow very difficult to close the eye on the antics of Ukrainian reformer. That is only one of the Panama scandal. Then in “the Panama document” reporters found the data about offshore company Prime Asset Partners Ltd., which Mossack Fonseca in August 2014 was established in the British virgin Islands, for Petro Poroshenko. While Poroshenko has not declared his assets offshore, neither in 2014 nor in 2015.

Moreover, according to the decree on currency regulation and currency control, any resident of Ukraine, which wants to acquire the shares (corporate rights) of foreign companies must obtain an individual NBU license for such an operation. Thus, in accordance with the NBU resolution No. 122 dated 16.03.1999 (with amendments and additions), there is no minimum amount of investment, in which there is an obligation to obtain a license. That is, the acquisition of even one share worth $ 1 billion requires obtaining such a license. Poroshenko forgot about it… Much less of a problem forced resignation of the Icelandic Prime Minister, to declare extraordinary elections to the Maltese Parliament. Poroshenko only lazily shrugged, and began again to turn Ukraine into “a velvet dictatorka”. I want Peter Alekseevich Lavrov Pinochet. But Pinochet was no confectionery factories, and shipbuilding plants in alienated regions or throughout the country, which for the third year waging war. And Poroshenko is.

All this stuff, you might say. But where watches alert the West, why zamylilsya his watchful eye? Where the Agency is monitoring the bleaching of capital? Where the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office, where anti-corruption authorities of Ukraine?

The answer is painfully simple: in relation to the local controllers running the same principle of “mutual responsibility” not notice you have a “finger in the pie”, and you’re not doing hygiene observations. So got their hands on Yuri Lutsenko, an inflated self-importance of Skrypnyk and record premiums Golodnitsky. All the fighters against corruption is over, walk safely…

But things are changing — yesterday’s game, the IMF has obviously annoyed a strong European leaders. As for US personally, and trump, as he is generally a merchant and he could not understand why a Pope should do the fifth billion at the expense of American taxpayers?

Therefore, the need mentioned earlier smokescreen. Not only for Ukrainians but also for the West. Constant scandals of the Nazi, the criminal kind, a complete mess on the streets and in the offices. As with all of this wealth to move to Europe — is not clear. And so the revolution is not over…