Why Melania and Ivanka trump has covered the head in the Vatican

And the first lady of the United States, and her daughter wearing a veil to meet with Pope Francis in accordance with the dress code, which must be observed during papal audiences. The first lady of the United States have long held this tradition.

“According to Vatican Protocol, during an audience with the Pope women should be dressed in a business suit with long sleeves. Clothing should be black, and the head must cover the veil,” — the press Secretary of the first lady of the United States Stephanie Grisham, in an interview on CNN.

According to the newspaper the Telegraph, women during the meeting with the Pope by tradition should always be dressed in black, the sleeves should be long and, finally, women should wear a Mantilla — a lace veil worn in the Roman Catholic Church. Some of the Queens and princesses of the Catholic religion are allowed to wear white. However, Pope Francis seeks to mitigate the dress code for women. “In recent years it has become much easier — no rules, no”, — informs the newspaper press-the Secretary of Vatican.


© AFP 2017, the Mandel NganИванка trump in Saudi Arabia. 20 may 2017

Yet Melania and Ivanka trump hasn’t decided on fashion experiments during the meeting with the Pope. “In my opinion, miss trump (Melania) was dressed perfectly. She looked very elegant and in accordance with the situation, noted BBC correspondent David Willy. “Protocol and dress code have been complied with”.


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The requirements of the Protocol of Saudi Arabia in relation to the first lady of States (and their daughters, as in this case) is more complicated. As you know, before his visit to Rome, Melania and Ivanka trump visited the Kingdom. Saudi women are required to cover their heads, while high-ranking guests from abroad — no. The Melania and Ivanka trump chose not to wear headgear in Saudi Arabia, following the lead of Michelle Obama, who has a head covered in Rome, but did not in the Kingdom. As you know, when Donald trump criticized her decision to abandon the headgear.