The conflict in the middle East: Qatar refuses to change foreign policy

Qatar refuses to change foreign policy and to compromise for the sake of resolving the conflict with a number of Arab States of the Persian Gulf. On Thursday, June 8, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Qatar Mohammed bin Abdurrahman al-Thani, reports Reuters, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

“We are not ready to give up and never be willing to sacrifice the independence of our foreign policy,” said al-Thani reporters in Doha.

Despite the tension of Qatar insists on the peaceful solution of the conflict, the Minister said: “Military solution to this problem can never be”, – he stressed.

Al-Thani said, “Qatar crisis” represents a threat to the entire region.

“We are isolated because we are successful and progressive. We are a platform for peace, not terrorism … This dispute threatens the stability of the entire region,” the diplomat said.
Recall, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, Maldives and Mauritius severed diplomatic ties with Qatar.

An earlier edition of the Wall Street Journal reported that the Arab States establish a list of requirements that must fulfill Qatar to return to normal diplomatic and economic relations.

Among the requirements is likely to stop funding armed groups in the middle East and the rupture of relations with the political leadership of “Muslim brotherhood”, as well as a significant reduction of broadcasting of the TV channel Al Jazeera.