After 18 years, women will get cancer up to six times more often than men – scientists

By 2035, women will get cancer 6 times more often than men. The incidence of cancer in the UK, in particular, will rise by 0.5% among men and 3% among women. This means that after 18 years, diagnosed with cancer, supposedly 4.5 million women and 4.8 million men.

It is reported with reference to the British organization Cancer Research UK.

According to scientists, cancer is one of the common causes of death around the world, where different types of die 7.4 million men and 6.7 million women each year.

Among the factors influencing the rapid growth of cancer cells is in women, scientists call Smoking and obesity. The most widespread in the next 20 years, how do you predict the Brits will get these types of cancer in women as ovarian, cervical and oral cavity.

“The new data represent a huge challenge that people will face in the UK and around the world. I hope that research will help find ways to reduce this burden and allow people to survive, especially in cases of severe types of cancer, against which while bleak prospects. We should work to reduce the devastating impact that cancer has on so many families,” said Harpal Kumar, CEO Cancer Research UK.

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