Advocates say that in Switzerland there is no money Yanukovych

“During the meeting of President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko with the head of the Federal Department of foreign Affairs of Switzerland D. Burkhalter was once again publicly announced alleged in Swiss Bank accounts in the name of the former President of Ukraine”,-said in the release, lawyers for the media, according to “Ukrainian news”.

“I would like to once again remind the representatives of the Ukrainian authorities about the fact that in its official letter of 01.03.2017 at the request of the law firm JHALLP representing the interests of Viktor Yanukovych and his son Oleksandr, it clearly States: “In Switzerland there are no frozen accounts or assets owned by President Yanukovych. Measures to freeze assets, Switzerland has taken relate to the other persons listed in the Annex to the Order on the freezing of assets in connection with Ukraine,” – noted in the text below.

Lawyers pay attention to the fact that Viktor Yanukovych has always maintained that he had no Bank accounts or other assets in Switzerland or in any other country except Ukraine. This is confirmed by official letter of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine will take place on 22.04.2015

“The regular reference to representatives of the Ukrainian authorities the names of Viktor Yanukovych, of “mythical millions and billions of dollars” allegedly belonging to the ex-President are outright speculation. This stamp, which is imposed on society, is a cover for rampant corruption which is mired in the current regime. Over the last three years Ukrainians could clearly see whose Bank on the background of the collapse of the banking sector every year only increases their profits, e-declarations of officials and deputies, offshore scandals, and many other facts about the criminal reign of this regime”, – stated in the release lawyers.

“In case of detection of any funds in foreign Bank accounts registered in the name of Viktor Yanukovych, ex-President of Ukraine offers to send them to help the residents of Donbas affected by the civil war, which unleashed the current Ukrainian regime”, – noted in the text below.