Knute and the Office of large taxpayers have agreed to employment of graduates

In addition, the Office promised to invite students to professional conferences, seminars and round tables, as well as to provide them with an internship. The University has committed itself to take into account the requirements of the Office in the preparation of specialists, to invite as lecturers the specialists unit of the SFS and to take an active part in the development and implementation of programs of retraining and advanced training of its employees.

“Such links with universities is incredibly important, – commented on the meeting with students and signing of the Contract head Office Eugene Bambiza on his page in FB . – As corny as it may sound, but if we want to get after graduation ready to work for young professionals, we should participate in their preparation. Thank you knute, because there is a understand and are willing to cooperate. Now it only remains to specify your request and together to implement it.”