Transnistria and “provocateurs”

“Provocateur” — as one of the most notorious Kremlin “hawks”, the Deputy Prime Minister and patented chauvinist Dmitry Rogozin commented on the report of the Chisinau-based Institute effective policies regarding the solution of the Transnistrian issue — in other words, the restoration of territorial integrity of Moldova.

Rogozin, the Russian leadership is responsible not only for the military-industrial complex. He is also responsible for Transnistria. In the words of Russia recognizes the territorial integrity of Moldova, diplomatic relations with the breakaway Republic on the Dniester has not, and its military includes in its territory exclusively from “peacekeeping” purposes. Actually, for contacts with the Transnistrian administration in the Russian Cabinet responsible to a Deputy Prime Minister so that government colleagues — and there are many of those who apply with Rogozin ironically or as a joke saying that in fact, Rogozin does not work with a curator of the military-industrial complex, and the Ambassador in Tiraspol. Therefore, the report on Transnistria that non-emergency and non-authoritative Ambassador has to respond by post.

Meanwhile, nothing provocative in the report of the Institute effective policies. There are considered different variants of restoration of the territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova — from the soft, implying the actual persistence of the Transnistrian quasi-state structures of the unified Moldova to the strict version of the elimination of “PMR” and restore the integrity of the country without any of the republics. Quality analyst, nothing more. In Moscow, too, talking about the need to restore the territorial integrity of Moldova at the negotiating table. New Moldovan President Igor Dodon, who came to power with the active assistance of their Moscow patrons, during the election campaign actively promoted the slogan of federalization of Moldova to Transnistria was one of the subjects of the Federation. And no irritation in the Kremlin is not aroused, Putin and Rogozin was just in awe of Dodona. What happened?

Nothing special. Just report outlines possible tools for the transition to practical action, shows that in fact the restoration of the territorial integrity of the country interested almost all the Moldovan politicians from supporters of the development of Moldova as a democratic European state and to the Russian puppet Dodon and his socialists. But Moscow has other interests that are contrary to the intentions of her opponents and her allies. And its annoying the officials in Chisinau, these interests can be questioned. Did someone seriously expects the withdrawal of Russian occupation of Moldovan land. Moscow from Transnistria not going to give up. How is not going to abandon the Donbass. How is not going to abandon Abkhazia and South Ossetia. As not going to give up Crimea. But it is. The situation is beginning to change.

Report of the Moldovan analysts clearly shows that the special opportunities for the preservation of the occupation regime in Transnistria, Russia has no, and she better be gone without losing reputation than to leave in disgrace. The Transnistrian project, invented by the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Anatoly Lukyanov, with the active support of President Mikhail Gorbachev, has exhausted itself. And soon will strike the hour and other projects — and Gorbachev, and Yeltsin, and Putin. How chauvinistic the rope is not twisted — the end will be.