Fly on the wings of a dream, the Sino-Kazakhstan relations

Beijing — on the eve of a state visit to Kazakhstan Chinese President XI Jinping was published in the Kazakh newspaper Kazakhstanskaya Pravda article under the headline “Fly on the wings of a dream, the Sino-Kazakh relations”. The following is the full text of the article:

In these June days, when the summer is in full swing, all blooming on the ground. In such a great time is my third visit to Kazakhstan at the invitation of President Nursultan Nazarbayev, which will take part in the SCO summit and the opening ceremony of the EXPO-2017 in Astana.

Great Kazakh steppes, surging rivers, updated construction, the kind and hospitable people — all this deeply impresses me. Soon will come again to this wonderful land, in my heart, even excitement.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the PRC and Kazakhstan. A quarter of a century of Sino-Kazakhstan relations have withstood the test of time and storm international situations. From the good-neighborliness and friendship, then the comprehensive strategic partnership and until the creation of the community of shared interests and common destiny of our bilateral relations began to develop at a faster pace and has reached the highest level in history.

The political mutual trust between China and Kazakhstan is strengthened day by day. Both countries respect the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and the chosen path of development of each other, firmly support each other on key issues, carry out close coordination and cooperation in international and regional Affairs.

Practical cooperation between our countries are constantly deepening. China is one of the most important trade and investment partners of Kazakhstan. The total investment of China in Kazakhstan’s economy exceeded is 42.8 billion dollars, and lending — a total of more than $ 50 billion. In 2017 in January-April, the turnover increased by 45.6%. Increased exports to China. On the table of ordinary Chinese families served Kazakh flour, vegetable oil, beans, meat products and honey. The parties have identified 51 projects of cooperation in the field of production capacity that was intended to significantly contribute to industrialization and create new jobs in the country.

Through the pipeline China-Kazakhstan has 100 million tons of oil delivered to China, and through the gas pipeline China-Kazakhstan delivery is 183 billion cubic meters. Actively develops cooperation on new energy sources such as nuclear energy, wind energy and photovoltaics. Between the two countries, there are more than 50 scheduled flights a week. In 2016 drove over 1200 freight trains between China-Europe transit through Kazakhstan, the volume of rail traffic reached 8.2 million tons, container traffic has increased more than 3 times. In February of this year for the first time saw a delivery of wheat from Kazakhstan to Southeast Asia through China.

Aktiviziruyutsya cultural and humanitarian contacts. The number of mutual trips for 2016 has reached 500 thousand, 14 thousand of Kazakhstan students are studying in China. In Kazakhstan opened on 5 Confucius institutes and Confucius classes 7. While the Chinese universities are 4 center of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstani singer Dimash yet gained wide popularity in China. “China on the tip of my tongue”, “Family on wheels” and other wonderful Chinese television dramas are also watched by millions of Kazakhstani families.

In 2013, during his first visit to Kazakhstan, I put forward the initiative of building the Economic belt of the silk road, from which originates the cooperation in the framework of “One belt and one road”. Over the past 4 years the construction of “One belt and one road” has moved from initiative to action, from idea to practice. It became a platform for open and inclusive cooperation, public product on a global scale, enjoying widespread support in the international community.

At present, the international situation is undergoing complex and profound changes, slowly and slowly recovering global economy is in the midst of profound change, and the question of development remains acute. In this context, the construction of “One belt and one road” will bring us, perhaps an unprecedented historical opportunity. A month ago in Beijing successfully held the forum of international cooperation “One belt and one road”. Participants of the forum agreed that it is necessary to strengthen international cooperation, to match the national development strategies, to complement their advantages and promote common development.

The main task of my current visit to Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev to conduct an in-depth exchange of views and identify areas of further promoting the comprehensive strategic partnership and growth dynamics of multifaceted cooperation between China and Kazakhstan. I sincerely hope that the road of joint development and prosperity of China and Kazakhstan will become wider and smoother.

To promote cooperation in the joint construction of “One belt and one road” to accelerate alignment of development strategies, joint efforts to implement the outcome of the forum of international cooperation “One belt and one road”. You need to unlock the potential of cooperation in transmission lines and in the spheres of transport and logistics, accelerate the construction of a new Intercontinental Eurasian bridge economic corridor China-Central Asia-middle East and international transit corridor Western China-Western Europe, to support the complex interrelatedness of infrastructure and facilitate trade, to seek more flexible and effective model of investment and financing, to expand mutual settlements in national currencies in support of joint projects between China and Kazakhstan.

It is necessary to develop industrial cooperation as a new source of growth of bilateral cooperation, to intensify the implementation of projects already agreed with the expected early benefits, to continue to identify the role of the dialogue mechanism for cooperation in the field of industrialization and investment, to support the effective exchange of information and policy coordination to create favorable business climate for companies of each other.

Should focus on cooperation in high-tech and innovation, deepen cooperation in such advanced fields as aerospace, the digital economy and new energy, promote the construction of big data, cloud computing and smart cities to increase cooperation in the fields of it and e-Commerce. It is important to place emphasis on innovative development, output of China-Kazakhstan cooperation to a qualitatively new level.

Should develop projects focused on the spiritual rapprochement of the two peoples, strengthen human contacts and cultural ties, to strengthen mutual understanding and closeness through mutual establishment of cultural centers, the establishment of joint universities, exchange of cinematic and literary works. China is set to increase numbers of tourists to Kazakhstan that its citizens could admire the unique beauty of Countries of the great steppe.

We should deepen cooperation on security, to implement the concept of indivisible, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security to fight the three evil forces, drug trafficking and transboundary organized crime, to work together to ensure cyber security. It is important to accelerate work on the creation of a bilateral mechanism to ensure the safety of building “One belt and one road,” to protect oil and gas pipelines and major projects of cooperation, to defend the legitimate rights and interests of nationals and companies of the two countries, security of life and property.

You should intensify cooperation in international Affairs strengthen coordination within the UN, SCO, CICA and other multilateral formats, timely exchange of views on topical international and regional problems. China supports the strengthening Kazakhstan’s weight in international Affairs as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for 2017-2018.

Another important event during my visit is participation in the SCO summit. This year marked the 15th anniversary of the signing of the SCO Charter and the 10th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of States-members of SCO on long-term neighborliness, friendship and cooperation. For many years, steadily guided by the purposes and principles enshrined in these founding documents, member States cherish and develop the “Shanghai spirit”. Mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, consultations, respect for diversity of cultures and aspiration to joint development to consistently enhance mutual trust, step by step promote practical cooperation in all fields and thereby make a significant contribution to the stability and prosperity of the region.

SCO attach particular importance to cooperation in the field of security. Established a cooperation mechanism for the fight against the three evil forces, drug trafficking and transboundary organized crime, regularly held joint anti-terrorist exercises, efforts are under way for resolving hot spots, allowing to effectively protect the security and stability in the region.

The SCO signed and seriously implemented documents such as the Program of multilateral trade-economic cooperation, development Strategy until 2025, steadily advancing cooperation in trade, investment, transport and communications, energy, Finance and agriculture, to continuously deepen exchanges in culture, education, youth, health, science and technology, environmental protection and sports. All this, of course, serves as a stimulus for socio-economic development of member States, promotes friendship and cooperation between them.

Note the great contribution of the current Kazakh chairmanship in the SCO’s development. It is expected that the upcoming Astana summit, the heads of member States will take very important decisions on deepening the multifaceted cooperation and put an end to the first round of enlargement, which will lay a solid Foundation for its further development. After the summit in Astana, China will take the baton of the Chairman of the SCO, we will work together with Kazakhstan and other member States to re-enter the path to reach a new SCO development for the benefit of the peoples of the region.

Opened the international exhibition “Astana EXPO-2017” — first in Central Asia. Its main theme “future Energy” corresponds to the modern keynote of ecological, healthy and sustainable development of the world economy, in tune with China’s initiative to build “Green silk road”.

China supports Kazakhstan in conducting a strong and successful EXPO. In the Chinese pavilion at the EXPO you will see the latest technologies such as nuclear fusion on “artificial sun” and the simulation control cabin high-speed train, will learn about green, low-carbon, cyclical and sustainable way of production and life, make sure the Chinese idea of “green” development. I wish a complete success of the EXPO in Astana!

Thanks to the outstanding leadership of President Nursultan Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan since the proclamation of independence have managed to maintain the harmony and stability of society, the high dynamics of growth, significantly improve the quality of life and happiness index of the citizens. The country is becoming more and more powerful, was among the 50 most competitive countries in the world that is considered the “miracle of Kazakhstan”.

Currently, Kazakhstan, focusing on the Third upgrade, heavily promoting its new economic policy “Nurly Zhol”, the Strategy “Kazakhstan-2050”, as well as the modernization of the public consciousness. The people of Kazakhstan is leaps and bounds forward towards the great goal of implementation of Kazakhstan’s dream of the revival of the nation and the prosperity of the country. The Chinese people are also working tirelessly for the purposes of the “two centuries” and the realization of Chinese dream of the great revival of the Chinese nation. The peoples of China and Kazakhstan are closely connected by common aspirations and thoughts, and together build their dreams and strive for their implementation.

I am convinced that we will all be steadily faithful to the great dream and the hands to contribute to a new, large take-off of the Chinese-Kazakh relations!