Scientists have described how kissing affects the body

According to medical research, regular kissing can help people to feel happier, and also, interestingly, help to lose weight. It is scientifically proven that kissing in some way can replace the charging. The fact that in the process of this activity people are involved almost 40 muscles of the face. And the better the blood circulates, writes

In addition, during passionate kissing partners significantly accelerates the heart rate up to 120 beats per minute. About the same pulse of people who are busy easy exercise. Scientists have also shown that a daily 20-second kisses promote weight loss to 1 kilogram per year.

The doctors said that in the process of kissing in the mouth partners highlighted the pain killers, as well as a so-called “cross-immunotherapy”. This, in turn, reduces the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

It is worth noting that the frequent kisses are the prevention of stress. Even people who adore this activity, most are optimistic and more successful in life. You can not say about those who underestimate such manifestations of affection and care.

Another scientifically proven fact. It turns out that men who every day before I leave for work, kiss their other halves live an average of five years longer than those who neglect such affection.