Not to be friends with an occupier

Coming June 12 — the date that marks the day of Russia and the main Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has outlined a Federal protest against the current leadership of their country. He promised to bring supporters into the streets of all major Russian cities and to demand from the authorities a reaction to allegations of corruption and violations of the law.

In this regard, many friends Georgians living in Russia, announced its intention to come to these meetings and support the demands of the Russian opposition forces, thereby demonstrating the solidarity with the demands of resignation of the ruling elite of Russia.

The fact that since 1990-the twentieth years, many ethnic Georgians will of fate found themselves in Russia (most of them are natives of Abkhazia, expelled from their homes by the Russian occupiers), critical of the political leadership of Russia, which they blame many of the ills of their historic homeland, Georgia — and not without reason.

Even more, this confidence strengthened in 2006-2008, when the Russian government took the unprecedented worsening of relations with Georgia, which resulted in ethnic cleansing of Georgians in Russia and later the Russian-Georgian war. In the end, the Putin regime has become for many Russian Georgians in kind of a factor of irritation, the presence of which causes an acute dislike and disgust.

In this regard, to break the political arena Alexei Navalny with his unprecedented criticism of the Russian leadership and bold anti-government slogans were perceived by many in the Georgian environment as a beacon of hope, which will destroy the system associated with the misery and suffering of the Georgian people.

“The beautiful future of Russia” — the so-called Bulk their country, which in the case of coming to power promising to rebuild on the Western model — with a transparent and honest government, good police and really protected civil rights.

It would seem that any normal person should support such ideas and demand the establishment of order in the state. After all, surely “the beautiful future of Russia” Alexei Navalny, establishing the rule of Law on its territory, will lead its foreign policy in accordance with the norms and requirements of international law.

And then hundreds of thousands of Georgians, Moldovans, Ukrainians and other nationalities, exiled from their native land by the actions of previous leaders of Russia, can finally breathe freely, and to return to their homes, where live today the Russian invaders.

However, the reality is absolutely not true. “Beautiful future” the main Russian opposition leader Navalny ensures only residents of Russia, or rather, only that part which is represented by ethnic Russians.

For everyone else it offers a choice of either slavish existence under the Russian boot, or war and violence. Navalny does not hide his nationalist views, he repeatedly became a participant and even an organizer of the fascist “Russian marches” in Moscow. In his view, immigrants from the former Soviet republics and the Caucasus unjustly enriched at the expense of Russian, instead of bringing to Russia the so-called “ethnic crime”.

Pushing the slogan “stop feeding the Caucasus” and supporting the introduction of visas with the countries of the former USSR, the Bulk doesn’t renounce the ideas of their forcible detention in the so-called “orbit of influence of Russia”.

“What do you mean, the Caucasus is not Russian land? Well, what kind of land? Here in the city of Grozny had a large number of people in Chechnya lived in the Soviet Union, 400 thousand people (Russian-approx. author). Here they were kicked out, and you’re telling me, it is not Russian land,” — he said in an interview.

The same opinion of the main Russian opposition holds in relation to Russia’s neighboring States, in fact, voicing current ideas of “Russian world” that led to the war in Ukraine.

“The fact that Turkmenistan is a huge amount of ethnic Russians that Putin is actually exchanged on the gas contracts, and they’re absolutely powerless — this is a particular problem and this particular problem of Russian”, — he said.

The contempt and hatred of the Bulk to all Nations, except Russian, is expressed in specific offenses which he voiced at the dawn of his political career. Here is what he wrote in his “Live Journal” about the Belarusian language in 2008: “Well, the Belarusian language is something magical: restoran. As if the writing was invented by the archies (as the Russians call Caucasians — approx. ed.) United with the dregs”. But then the Bulk, obviously, woke up and wiped the record, so as not to lose credibility among their fellow nationalists, fighting for the unification of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

But his post about the Russian-Georgian war, dated the same year of 2008, still hangs the “Live Journal”:

“In modern conditions the authority is based only on force and the ability to use that power wisely and where necessary. I am sure that this is “necessary”. Of course about any additional Russian army in South Ossetia speech now can not go. But Russia should take the following steps (at least):

1. Have serious military and financial assistance to South Ossetia and Abkhazia (in those dimensions in which Abkhazia is ready to really fight in South Ossetia).

2. To declare South Ossetia area closed to flights and immediately shoot down all aircraft caught in this area.

3. To declare a full blockade of Georgia. To stop with her any message.

4. To expel outside Russia of all on our territory, the citizens of Georgia.

Continue to act according to the situation, but be aware of that, of course, to vanish the cruise missile by staff of the rodent like, but rodents just waiting for this”.

Thus, the illusion of a modern Pro-Western policy, which tries to be Bulk, and completely dissipates before us is an ordinary Russian redneck out of the gate, which will be just as banging shoes at the UN, to intimidate its neighbors and rude to the partners, as is happening now.

That’s just not clear why Navalny all this talk about economic development, innovation and high technology, if any authority, in his opinion, is based “only on the strength and ability to apply it” (by the way, as according to Putin)? There is a reasonable question — and what is the better Bulk of the current Russian leaders?

It is obvious that the Russian Georgians gathered on June 12 to take to the streets on his call, it is necessary to restrain his ardor and to find more useful things at home. It is obvious that Russia, whatever power she never ran, never will be a friend for the Georgian people and will always speak only from the standpoint of the oppressor and occupier.

This means, there is no point to waste your time and energy to substitute itself under attack, to ensure “bright future”, which will still not target you.