How not to get fat: the TOP 10 habits of skinny women

Slim waist, slender legs and a flat stomach is the dream of many women. They can eat all they want without gaining weight.

How not to get fat, knows Home, which named the TOP 10 habits of thin women.

1. They sleep

Maybe they go in 23 the evening, or get up not before 12, or when the children are resting after lunch. The important thing is that they do not have a chronic sleep deficit, and they don’t have enough energy to fill with food. And as you know, in first place among “reducing energy” chocolate, biscuits and chips.

2. They do not deny themselves the pleasures

Moreover, these pleasures are not found only in food, but in different spheres of life. They go on trips (even in surrounding towns) and find time for friends (and not sitting in a cafe, and go to the skating rink, or climbing wall, or in the movie) and an interesting hobby (and don’t think that learn to sing in 30 years – it’s embarrassing and stupid). When you have plenty of ways to entertain themselves, it is possible to do without desserts.

3. They never sit on a strict diet

They don’t torture themselves with strict restrictions, and therefore they have no breakdowns. Sometimes it seems that they generally eat whatever I want and not get fat. On the one hand, it’s true: they really allow yourself to have what you currently want, even cake. But since Monday they are not going to go on a diet, they today do not need to eat for the future. This means that they will eat one bite and stop. Just because right now they don’t want.

4. They are in no hurry

They eat slowly, with feeling, really, slowly and always with pleasure. They, and we, too, have read that the signal of saturation enters the brain approximately 20 minutes after you ate. But unlike us, decided to apply scientific achievements in life.

5. They know their needs

Maybe they eat several times a day in small portions. Or the cost of three main meals. They have a full Breakfast. Or drink in the morning just a Cup of black coffee, and only a couple of hours remember about the food. The point is that they do not blindly follow the advice of eminent nutritionists or fitness gurus, but understand how to eat to feel good.

6. They eat only when hungry

They don’t chew with friends, colleagues or with her husband only because sitting next to the table and they have nothing to do. For the company they can drink water with lemon, and that is enough.

7. They choose the “honest” products

Real sugar, whole milk, cheese and yogurt normal fat, butter, all that is much better than the substitute products. Which means you get more enjoyment even from small portions.

8. They like to move

They walk a lot, selflessly doing Latin American dances in the evenings, or go to the pool. They don’t have hours to convince myself to get up and go to the gym. They just found that the kind of activity that they like.

9. They know how to cope with stress

They are insanely pounding a punching bag, meditate, use breathing techniques, doing art therapy. Or just Express to her husband a piece of your mind, and do not keep emotions inside. Anyway, they are able to relieve stress without using chocolate, and other ways.

10. They know how to control myself

The secret of slim women is that they know when to bring the situation under control, when they notice the appearance of even one or two extra pounds. They do not relax, even when getting married, having children or going on a gastronomic tour. Because of this, they do not allow radical weight fluctuations, and hence a need for strict diets or exhausting exercises disappears by itself.