The dawn of Russian machine-building against the background of economic sanctions

In the period from 15 to 19 may in Moscow “Expocentre” hosted the exhibition “Metalworking-2017”, in which were involved all the exhibition area. It is also known as “Equipment, devices and tools for Metalworking industry”. Since 1970-ies in this exhibition was attended not only by East European and Soviet, but also Western companies, including Japan. Have dedicated to individuals, it’s very popular.

Equipment for Metalworking in the English language called mother machine. That is it — the equipment for manufacture of equipment. The accuracy of the final product depends on the accuracy of the equipment which it was manufactured.

Therefore, in the period of the cold war were scientists who specialized in Soviet equipment as it was possible to judge the accuracy of the Soviet weapons.

After the USSR collapse the industry went into decline

Then came high-precision parts, which were impossible to produce on Soviet equipment. I had to import Western technology in the countries of the socialist camp, it appeared the Committee for the control of exports of strategic goods.

In 1990-e years have seen the collapse of the Soviet Union, and there was the Russian Federation, however, as a result of the economic chaos of the defense industry was in deep crisis.

The chaos was not just the economy. For several years it was unclear where to go, even from a political point of view. I think the time when Russia’s first President Boris Yeltsin unexpectedly resigned, was the worst in the history of Russia.

Despite this, at the time the equipment show, held every year, he exhibited classic cars, on which were pasted the cosmic price tags. In 2000, a new President — Vladimir Putin. From this moment miraculously start to grow, oil prices, and with them gas prices.

In that period reduced the volume of exports of non-oil products and formed the image of Russia, according to which it becomes a country earns on exports of energy resources.

There are equipment for connecting and bending pipe. European and American manufacturers, traditionally strong in the energy sector, began to take part in the Moscow exhibition, making it gradually brightened.

Moreover, President Putin began to build and modernize military power and reform the army to protect pipelines stretched across Russia, from internal and external threats. Begins to develop the production equipment to match increased investment in the defense industry.

Then broke out the conflicts in Ukraine and Syria. Were tested different types of new weapons, including cruise missiles. Adopting new types of weapons leads to increased demand for machinery.

However, Western countries are tightening export restrictions against Russia. As a result, the export of Western equipment virtually stopped. There comes a time when Russia is to rely only on their own industry.


Exhibition of small and medium-sized Russian manufacturers

The exhibition “Metalworking-2017” I visited on the second day. First I went to the section on Japanese manufacturers.

I looked at the products of various foreign companies, starting with Japanese manufacturers such as Mazak and Makino, who believed in the potential of Russian industry and constantly watched for the Russian market. However, something was wrong: exhibition spaces, which were usually filled with foreign products, has become a varied exhibition of Russian companies of small and medium size.

By the way, checking the directory I found that of the 130 exhibition stands occupy approximately half of the Russian enterprises in the amount of 76 companies. Almost all of them are small and medium businesses. Some stands of small size was filled to capacity.


© press service of the concern “Kalashnikov”Unmanned aerial vehicle Zala

This gun stands. I asked the representative of the company that are most profitable to produce, on what received the answer: “Guns”. In such conditions of development of Russian engineering.

I then moved into the second building. Traditionally, it presents a Russian company that sells large equipment. When I was in the second building, passing through the underpass, first of all I was struck by the number of visitors.

Looking around the exhibition stands, I noticed that among friends companies a lot of equipment of Russian production, the name of which I never even heard of. In this article I would like to introduce you to the company “STAN”.

“STAN” is a Russian integrated company in the design and production of machine tool equipment. This venture seven production sites:

NPO “Stankostroenie” (Republic of Bashkortostan, Sterlitamak)

JSC “Stankotekh” (Moscow region, Kolomna)

LLC “Ryazan machine-tool plant” (Ryazan)

LLC “Ivanovo machine-tool plant” (Ivanovo)

OOO “Grinding Machines” (Moscow)

OOO “Savelovsky machine-building factory” (the Tver region, Kimry)

OOO “Donpressmash” (the Rostov region, Azov)

These seven companies operate under the unified leadership, whose office is in Moscow.

All these enterprises produced high-quality machines in the Soviet era. Because they had worked separately, they could not fully meet the needs of large customers.

Due to the merger the company now has a multi-purpose machines (Ivanovo), grinding machines (Moscow), lathes (Kolomna) and mechanical presses (Azov).


© RIA Novosti, Alexander Pogotov | go to fotoboekroemenie enterprise

The question arises. Why seven companies were required to merge, passing through various difficulties to create a single machine tool company? My friend is Director of the Russian company, which imports large equipment, explained to me the reasons.

1. Due to the economic sanctions in Russia ceased to imported Western equipment. Moreover, even Taiwan became be wary of the export of its products to Russia. As a result, Russia lost all of imported equipment. Therefore there was only one way: to make machines of their own. “STAN” had a great business chance.

2. 85% of demand for machine tools falls on the defense industry. When the army makes an order, it requires that the company used Russian equipment. Therefore, the army must provide a certificate from the Ministry of industry and trade that the equipment manufactured in Russia. Machines such certificates are sold out very quickly.

Familiar Director is very well versed in the Taiwan equipment. When Taiwan imposed restrictions on exports, his company suffered large losses. However, the tools necessary for Russian machine tools, does not fall under the sanctions, so now his company is focused on import.

Factory equipment also gradually begin to produce in Russia

With regard to the recent litigation in international politics, I was under the impression that Russia (Putin) is extremely realistic, while the steps of the United States (trump) raise concerns.

As for business, now Russia is objecting to the tradition of machine tool industry, changing factory equipment on modern Russian production.

As I noted in the beginning of this article, the more accurate the equipment, the better the final product. If the Russian machine tool industry will continue to evolve at the same pace, the Western sanctions to be deprived of any meaning.

For Japan it is extremely important to ensure that Russian high-precision machine tools do not fall into these Pro-Russian countries like North Korea and Iran.

It is necessary to return to Russia in the G7. It is important for Japan to convince the world that it needs in the G8 group.

Securing an independent position in the field of world politics, Japan will have the first opportunity to export to Russia of high-precision machines. Viewing Moscow the exhibition, I realized that there has never been a time when the global policy to manage the business to this extent.