“For me, trump is the President, who will be one of the great”

“Let’s come up here and take a selfie with a man who will lead the country. Show US your support.”

With a sense of humor you can achieve, and Eric Robinson snake (Snake Eric Robinson) lack of humor. Unemployed black guy found an ingenious way to earn extra money on the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. Snake got a cardboard figure of a tramp, put on his knitted cap and now offers to all passers-by to take a picture with the new head of the United States. He to vote do not go.

“Even if Michelle Obama put forward his candidacy, I would not go. Because politicians only do that make promises that don’t perform. Obama was President for eight years, and I’m still homeless,” says snake, and adds the following about trump:

“But now he’s the President, so I respect him”.

Many demonstrators in Washington are less polite. In many places, make violent speeches against the new President, carry signs with words like “My country, not my President”. Dressed in black activists are beaten in a protest against trump’s shop Windows and car Windows.

Many still find it difficult to accept the fact that although Hillary Clinton has received nearly three million votes more than the trump, he still became President because the American electoral system. “We won the election”, again and again, ‘ shouts one of the women involved in the protest.

But despite that, the inauguration was a real feast for Republicans. Supporters of the party gathered in Washington from all over the USA to celebrate the swearing in of their President.

Bruce Hamilton (Bruce Hamilton) and his wife came to Washington from Maryland. They hope for “more conservatism, lower taxes and a smaller public sector”. On how it feels to see that so many people despise their new President?

“Donald trump behaves just like Donald trump always behaves. He is an interesting person, and as a businessman he was good. We hope so.”

Not far from the main route, at the top front of the sitting Congress and other supporters of trump, who worked for him during the election campaign. Many of them are young, full of enthusiasm, they got a few seats ahead, where especially good view of the ceremony, when trump laid his hand not only on a single Bible, but two. One — the Bible of Lincoln on which he gave the presidential oath in 1861, and own the Bible trump that gave him his mother when he graduated from Sunday school in 1955.

One of the supporters in the stands — 28-year-old Matt Jackson (Matt Jackson) from Wisconsin, which is long in trump.

It will be the same as Lincoln

“For me, trump is the President, who will undoubtedly be one of the greatest. It will be the same as Lincoln. Of course, it is for me not to rise to such heights as Madison, Washington and Jefferson, but he will undoubtedly be one of the greatest, — he predicts. — With the first presidency is different. No one can beat”.

Jackson trust to Trump, not only because of the other. Matt Jackson also believes that trump has no respect for people who say in advance that the rules take in order to break them, is his experience as a businessman.

“I like not only a rejection of political correctness. I also like the fact that he without hesitation abandoned the principle of “we usually do”,” he says.

Another supporter of trump, Natasha Collins (Natasha Collins) believes that trump the economy will go uphill.

“We have for too long bypassed by turning other countries. The time has come again to give US priority and American jobs. Globalization did not benefit the United States. And I look forward to when we put things in order in the education system. And too many directives from Washington about what children should learn,” says Natasha Collins, a teacher myself.

“Freedom of choice must be much more,” — says Natasha Collins.

Neither a supporter of trump didn’t bother all those provocative statements, who have allowed themselves to trump. Matt Jackson put it this way:

“I’m watching him and know that Trump just likes to provoke. But sometimes it is necessary to do to get people to think in new ways”.