India will fully switch to electric vehicles

By 2030, all cars made in India will be electric. The government has approved the transition plan for the production of electric vehicles – Popular Mechanics.

Problems with air quality in India is huge. In 2014, the world health organization concluded that of the 20 cities with the dirtiest air 17 Indian cities. Now in India from diseases caused by high content of pollutants in the atmosphere, die every year 1.2 million people. Indian officials expect that the transfer of the domestic automobile industry for the production of electric cars will reduce this figure.

In addition, the Indian government expects economic benefits. Today the country is the third largest importer of oil, and spent up to $ 150 billion per year; according to the calculations of economists, the transition to electric vehicles by Indian companies will spend on hydrocarbons, 60% less. Emissions are costly to the Indian economy and for other reasons: according to some estimates, due to atmospheric pollution, the country loses 3% of GDP per year.

In the first two or three years, upgrading of automotive industry will be supported by the government, but the Indians hope that after this period, the government subsidies related enterprises will not need.

Indian electric cars — one of the cheapest in the world; in 2013, Mahindra has released the world’s cheapest electric car e-20 — hatchback-for $ 2,000.