In the defense Ministry revealed new details of the investigation of the crash of Tu-154

As noted, the Commission initially considered more than 15 versions of the disaster, but after removing the flight recorders, their number halved

The Russian defense Ministry said that the explosion on Board the Tu-154 over the Black sea was not, but the version of the attack is not yet removed. This at a press conference in Moscow, said the head of security service of flights of aircraft of armed forces of the Russian Federation Sergey Bainetov.

“We have concluded that the attack, well, in any case, the explosion on Board was not. But until this version, we do not absolve the investigation,” said Binetou.

According to him, the attack can be carried out not only through the explosion. Bainetov noted that it is not excluded the “mechanical impact” on the plane.

According to him, the Commission to investigate the collapse of initially considered more than 15 versions of the disaster, but after removing the flight recorders, their number was halved.

As added of Baynetov, flights of all aircraft of type Tu-154 is suspended until the conclusions about the causes of the disaster over the Black sea.

He also said that the data recorders did not indicate a technical failure of the aircraft.

At the same time, Bainetov noted that not all onboard instruments of the Tu-154 lifted out of the water.

According to him, the “special situation” on Board the crashed plane was developed for about 10 seconds. “I can say that the exchange was extremely brief. You can imagine that the situation developed in 10 seconds? What you can say in 10 seconds? Therefore, the analysis phrase of the commander tells about the beginning of a special situation, the more it tells us nothing,” said Binetou.

In addition, he reported that the flights to Syria are performed by refueling in one of the airports in the plan of flights, and, as a rule, it is the airfield of Mozdok.

“Spare airdromes are the airfield on the Crimean Peninsula and the airport of Sochi. At the time of departure at the airport Mozdok the meteorological conditions did not meet the landing, so an unscheduled landing (in Sochi) and there is no crime there,” said he.

This Bainetov stressed that in Sochi on the Board up only representatives of the border service. “All passengers boarded at the airport “Chkalov”. In Sochi in the plane consisted only of representatives of border guards who were performing their functional responsibilities on border control. That two representatives of the Federal border service,” he said.

Earlier, first Deputy health Minister Igor Kagramanyan said that the identification of the victims can take up to four weeks.

“Taken biological materials from relatives of all victims for appropriate procedures, and we hope that in the period of four weeks, all necessary procedures will be carried out”, – he said.

As reported, the Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry fell into the Black sea in the early morning of 25 December, flying from Sochi to the base Hamim in Syria. On Board were 92 people, mostly artists of the ensemble of song and dance. Alexandrov, and members of the media and the military. They all died.