Ukraine has finished the heating season with the remnants of gas in storage

Heating season the period of 2016-2017 years, which lasted from 12 October to 1 April, Ukraine has finished with the stock of 8 224,6 million cubic meters during this time of storage selected 6 507,42 million cubic meters of natural gas, according to “Ukrainian news”.

As at 1 April in the underground gas storages (UGS) was 8 224,6 million cubic meters, down 3.5%, or 297,18 million cubic meters less than on April 1, 2016. Then in UGS was 8 521,8 million cubic meters with continued daily selection of 20.55 million cubic meters.

The low stocks of gas in UGS during the heating season 2016/2017 was recorded 22 Mar – 8 100,43 million cubic meters.

Recall from April 1, CTV in Ukraine has ceased to provide services of heating, and the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” several times reduced imports. The heating season actually ended.