In Australia lulled the world’s oldest sloth

The zoo in the Australian city of Adelaide lulled 43-year-old sloth Hoffmann named Miss si. This publication reports Mashable.

“The treatment she needed, Miss C, required highly invasive procedures, which only would have delayed the inevitable, why we have made the difficult decision to resort to humane euthanasia”, — explained the curator of the zoo.

According to him, Ms. Shi was regarded as the oldest sloth in the world. She was born in Adelaide in 1974 and has lived several times longer than their wild counterparts, who usually die by the age of 10-12. She was the last representative of the suborder sloth in Australia (wild sloths on the continent became extinct, after the death of Miss C left and in captivity).

Sloths Hoffmann distributed in South America from Honduras and Nicaragua to Peru and Central Brazil. They grow up to 54-70 inches in length and weigh about 5-7 pounds.

Earlier it was reported that in a Japanese zoo have euthanized over 50 snow monkeys.