How to get rich Ukrainians this year: salaries, pensions and payments

The Ukrainians this year will index social standards and recalculate the pension. Indexing will affect not only the size of welfare payments, but also subsidies. The website “Today” figured out how Ukrainians earn and that may change in 2017.

How Ukrainians earn

The average Ukrainian earn 6 407 hryvnias, according to the data of the state statistics. Statistics take into account only the official salary, while, according to the tax authorities, up to 60% of employers some of the money is paid “in envelopes”. It should also be noted that the size of salaries in small towns, regional centres and in the capital can differ by several times. For example, the average wages in the Ternopil region – 4 936 UAH and Kiev – 10 233 the hryvnia.

More traditionally earn all Ukrainians are working in the field of air transport. At the moment, their average wages reached 26 874 UAH. Average salary of more than ten thousand have IT-schnick, insurers and financiers. But slightly more than minimal salary – 3419 USD –earn couriers and postmen. By the way, according to the largest recruitment portal in Kiev the average salary listed in the vacancy reached 8776 hryvnia. It’s a few thousand less than the official average salary.

In the beginning of the year significantly increased salaries of technical personnel: the minimum salary increased two times, from 1600 to 3200 hryvnia.


The future development is the hospitality industry, especially in the capital, Odessa, Lviv, cities millionikah, he said. Next year there will be demand for cooks, waiters, says HR expert Tatyana Pashkina. In addition, according to the expert, over the last fifteen years the number of jobs in other countries for Ukrainians tripled. Half – Polish jobs. 2/3 – handymen, construction services, services, mechanics, truck drivers. On the second place by quantity of vacancies – Czech Republic (also the most in demand unskilled workers) In Lithuania, there is sufficient number of vacancies for truck drivers. “If we’re talking about Germany, where often there are vacancies for programmers and doctors, but it needs work. Occasionally vacancies from our colleagues from the CIS, Georgia, Kazakhstan. In Kazakhstan, as a rule, requires agronomists, chemists. A large part of production workers,” – said the expert.

Salaries in the private sector for the year could increase by 10-30%. “As for business, he adds wages in the corridor from 10% to 30% for miscellaneous employees per year. But that is the average temperature in the hospital. In fact, with a good “weather”, 30% – the maximum for which wages go up. If the company in 2016, worked well, and they have ambitious plans for 2017, the salary can grow maximally. If there are any limiting factors – 10-20% is as much as can be added to the salary”, – says HR expert

Indexing will take in October

Social standards of Ukrainians raise twice a year: in may and December. If the pension reform will support parliamentarians, the payment index by 5% in October this year. So, as part of indexing the living wage plan to raise from 1624 to 1700 UAH, and the minimum pension with up to 1312 1373 UAH. The subsistence minimum in Ukraine is a conditional value, says senior researcher of the Institute of demography and social studies Lydia Tkachenko. To cancel it difficult since the definition of “living wage” is found even in the Constitution, and for changes necessary to gather 300 votes of people’s deputies.

To a living wage tied some payments, including the pension for loss of breadwinner. In the case of the death of one of the parents is a single mother or father is entitled to a monthly pension per child up to 18 years (for students up to 23 years). The size of the pension depends on the minimum subsistence level and family income. So, from minimum subsistence level for a child taken away, the average monthly family income per person. The difference to single parent pay on a monthly basis. If the family income does not change, and the cost of living grows, the payments increase.

At the moment, in Ukraine the minimum pension receive about eight million people. After indexing their payments will increase by 61 UAH. However, in addition to indexing the Cabinet plans to hold a “modernizing”. The result of more than five million of Ukrainians will receive an allowance of 50 to 1000 hryvnia. The formula for calculating pensions is the average wage for three years. This figure grows every year, but pensions are not counted more than five years. As a result of the pensioners payments calculated based on the average salary during the three years in the amount of UAH 1197, while for 2014-2016 average real wages rose to 3764 UAH. With this figure and plan to spend “modernity”.


It is worth noting that indexation also affects the subsidies. Those who officially do not work when calculating discounts consider income in the amount of two living wages. And after indexing is more than the minimum wage of 3,400 hryvnia.

The subsistence minimum is also incorporated in the formula for calculating subsidies. Income per family member is divided into two living wage and multiply it by 15%. The resulting figure is the percentage of the family income, which is considered as an “obligatory payment”. If the payment order is above this amount, the rest pays the state.

For example, if a family of three with two minimum wages must pay for communal not more than 630 hryvnia, after indexing this amount will decrease to 602 USD.

Will become richer?

The Cabinet of Ministers a few days ago and worsened macroeconomic Outlook. So, inflation, according to government estimates, at year-end may reach 11.2%. And social standards of Ukrainians will increase by only 10.2%. If the government does not revise the indexation, the average Ukrainians “poorer” for 1% increase in income will “eat” the rise in prices of goods and services.

Note, in 2014, prices in Ukraine increased by 80%, and social standards is just 31%. “Cumulative inflation was high enough. It made for a few years 70%. In order for real incomes increased social standards had increased by 70%. As for the more averaged is the level of inflation as of three years: 2014, 2015 and 2016. The cumulative inflation rate will exceed 90%. In order for the Ukrainians at least have not lost their income needs to income is 1.9 times more”, – says Executive Director of the Fund of the Blazer Oleg Ustenko.

By the way, the subsistence minimum in Ukraine is one of the lowest among post Soviet countries. For example, in Russia a living wage – 186 dollars, in Belarus – $ 96 in Georgia is 68 dollars, Kazakhstan – 79, and in Ukraine – only $ 58 (data for all countries at the beginning of this year).