We are entering a new era and a positive interview with a Peruvian shaman

– The modern world is the world of technology. Then who is the modern shaman?

– New technologies countless – they give us a lot of walking ahead of us. But it all comes from one source – from some wisdom. A modern shaman is one who truly understands that all these technologies control the person. Then the question arises, how to stay free. It is important to understand that all the laws of nature are interrelated and interdependent, including with the cosmic laws. This is with regard to modern shamans.

As for the old shaman, you can say the same. The big difference, in General, no. There is no answer to the question of who is the best shaman who lived early in the cells and caves or living in the modern world. Please note, as today we go back to nature – however we see all evolyutsioniruet.

– How did you get knowledge of modern shamans, where they learn?

– The question is not whether to be a shaman – the question is how to be happy and to bring happiness to the community in which we live. Not in the sense to be happy for some reason, it’s important to be happy for no reason.

Be happy for no reason is a special state of mind, the state of the entity. And again, this is a return to their spirituality. Only the mind of our worries – and most often for no reason. Sometimes we need to worry about – sometimes we feel incomplete without this excitement. It’s all mental. And when we begin to feel, as we bring your light, your awareness to return to your own power – the power of love, we begin to serve. And then we gain wisdom. It’s not the science, which need to go to College.

It is important to be happy for no reason.

Everyone inside has a certain essence. The only question is, how do we call this entity. Some call it “shaman,” someone – the inner teacher, the inner master, someone- a domestic angel. The name can be anything. But in fact, it is peculiar to each of us.

– What was your path? Where do you get the knowledge from the family, from the masters?

– I’m a very long time avoided anything that dealt with shamanism, esotericism and any metaphysical knowledge. All I wanted was to be a modern scientific person, a man of knowledge. But at some point I realized that escape is impossible. And then I began to open it – and everything started to come naturally. In General, I didn’t even have to look – at the right time came the right people and the right books.

My mother was a healer she was working with children. Sometimes kids cry for no reason – and we don’t understand why they cry. We start to give them different drugs – from fever, from stomach, head. One day my mother realized that through the physical body to harmonize the child’s soul. When the child cries, the soul does not feel comfortable in this physical body. These children need love and light. My mother took diaper child, walked with her into the sunset and cried out for help to Mother Mary. This diaper she was covered child, after he first made passes with his hands at some distance, and then touched the child again, and repeated manipulation. It looks like a physical massage, but, in General, is the direction of the light to the child and harmonize his soul. Then I have a question: why then do the children sleep a few hours and then waking up smiling?

Once we were visited by the journalist – he worked on a documentary for the BBC about the culture of the Aymara (native American people living in the area of lake Titicaca – approx.) called “the Old gods and new faces”. I had 6 months to prepare. During this time I was supposed to meet with all possible experts who could tell you about our gods. So I had the opportunity to learn from the old shaman about the meaning of my dream that was often repeated. In this dream I was walking on large boulders pinkish color. I asked what this could mean – and I said, “You will find this place and will walk on these stones.” Then I began to study these places, and then wrote a book about them called “Awakening in the Andes” and introduced them to the whole world. It turned out that I was dreaming of a place called aramu Muru.

In addition, I started working anywhere from 11-years – earned that brought the suitcases of tourists in the hotel. I started to look for new knowledge when they started to ask questions. Then I started working as a tourist guide – and surprisingly it turned out that the people who come to me, with whom I had to work as a guide – they all somehow miraculously in one way or another were related to spiritual development. It was just a mystery! I asked my colleagues: “you all right? Come to you people for the sake of spiritual development?”, but they said, “No.”

Photo: verlisia-in-wilderness.tumblr.com

I drove tourists to the homes of local residents – and one day happened to me a remarkable story. In one of these houses in a corner under the roof, I saw a very beautiful shaped stone in a silver frame with an inlaid ruby. I asked the landlord: “you Have the crystal?”, and he said, “Yes, I have the crystal, but it’s not your — your inside.” And then he went into the house and brought me a beautiful silver jewelry with pink quartz crystals: 6 on one side, 6 on the other and pink heart amethyst in the middle. And the elder gave me this crystal. I asked him: “Why did you say that this is my stone?” And he explained to me: “I was very American, brought two crystal. The one you saw, and the latter said to hide in my house and give it to the person who first comes asking about my crystal. It’s been a few months – and you were first.” But I could not accept such a precious gift. I offered the old man money, but he refused. And then I said, “Okay, then let me be the guardian of this stone. If you decide that you need or want money for it, it you just buy it back or give”.

I wore it as a decoration on the neck. Because he’s too attracted attention, began to hide under clothes. But still sometimes in places of power some people felt it and said, “something like That hanging over you”. And used as the antenna to contact with the masters. I mean, I saw with my own eyes how people were getting any messages. What they said during these sessions really become truth – it even made the papers. Then I’m left with no doubt. Then I started to believe it all.

After about 15 months the stone is gone. I was sad, I felt guilty because I wasn’t his owner but only the custodian. Only then I realized that this gem came out – the story was finished.

I saw with my own eyes how people were getting the message. What they said during the sessions that did become true.

You say you worked for a long time with tourists. Why do they come to Peru? Try to meet with local shamans?

– The fact that it is not only and not so much about the people – it is more about the place. In many spiritual and esoteric schools know that there has been a major shift, a change of cycles. The transition from the age of Pisces into the age of Aquarius. In General, in all cultures, life goes in cycles. When the cycle ends, it’s time for a change. You know that the planet Earth has two poles – and not only the South and the North. There are still male and female pole. There should always be a balance. Same thing with the planet has two polarities. One focused in the Himalayas is the male polarity. The second is in the Andes, she focused on the lake Titicaca is the female polarity. These two places are opposite each other and between them is the energy that connects these two polarities.

In the last cycle in the previous era, was very important the male energy is why all the pilgrims rushed to Tibet, the Himalayas. But now everything has changed. Came new cycle is the female era positive era. Now comes the awakening of the female energy. We see that the role of women in the world increases, they bear more and more responsibility.

In the world a competition was held for the new 7 wonders. And one of these wonders was called Machu Picchu. Thus, people became interested in Peru. Something awakens inside of people – and they decide to go to Machu Picchu, and after going to lake Titicaca. When they get to these places, you realize that this journey is food for the soul, the path of spiritual growth.

Now comes the awakening of the female energy. We see that the role of women in the world increases, they bear more and more responsibility.

You say that there came a female of era – positive. Why thennow so many wars, so aggressive changing world order?

– In the culture of the Andes it is considered that the full cycle lasts for a thousand years: 500 years of dark time and 500 years of light. And now just starts a new day. We are still reeling from the night. So we have a lot of fears – fears of the unknown. And of course, scary to realize who we are. And we are love. And for many people a real challenge to believe that they are love.

The rational here there is nothing at all in common, and it is a rational world creates what is happening around us. Rational means measurable. And we measure everything, but can’t measure the most important: who we are, who we are, what moves the world. And love moves the world.

We need to shake off the brunt of the fears. Because all the cruelty and aggression begins with fear.

They say that the Incas were the means of communication with the cosmos, the extraterrestrial intelligence. That is, places of power in Peru and was used to communicate with the aliens?

That’s what we call zones of interdimensional, intergalactic navigation. From donkovski era preserved many proofs of the presence of extraterrestrial beings and civilizations in our lands. Many legends tell about the fact that some plants, products and materials in their origins are not earthly, they come from other planets, from the stars. I participated in 9 programs of Discovery channel about the places of power in Peru, related to aliens. And now the time has come when people started to raise his head and finally realized that they are not alone in the Universe.

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And what are the most important places of power in Peru? You need to visit, to feel this energy?

– The approach should be quite different. If you go to some place and I think my head that this place of power, then it doesn’t work. You must first open the heart. If we open the heart we can feel the cycles of energy. It’s called sacred geometry. On the planet a lot of places associated with sacred geometry. For example, there are Ley lines that connect the mountain of Tunupa located in Bolivia, and mount Shasta in California. And between one of the lines at the same distance, lake Titicaca, Cusco and various other objects. Throughout South America a lot of places, but the main points are in Peru. Why? Because the Incas, who considered themselves children of the Sun knew a lot about the places of power.

We need to shake off the brunt of the fears. Because all the cruelty and aggression begins with fear.

It is believed that a knowledge of the Incas was lost, people today are unable to unravel their secrets.

– Wisdom is not lost – she’s just sleeping. When in 1492, the year the Spaniards came to the territory of Latin America, it was just the sunset. And now begins the dawn. In 2022, the year will be full sun. The time for awakening of wisdom.

And in the ancient wisdom is the recipe of happiness for mankind? What you need to do to be happy?

– Happiness is the natural state of our spirit. To be happy, we need to see the light within themselves. It’s a contract with yourself, meeting with your inner light.

Everything is based on the law of attraction. You – magnets, and you can draw whatever you want. We can believe that finding a life partner, be happy. Or climbing the corporate ladder, or go to live in another city, or earning a lot of money. Can all be considered points of happiness, but nothing from the outside world can’t guarantee a constant joy. What is the source of permanent happiness and joy? This connection to your own soul, your inner light.

But in order to achieve this, it is necessary to let go of his past, to break up heavy energies. The fact that we have a constant inner inclination to attract heavy energy, and be interested in them. You need to let go night out.

I think part of his mission to remind everyone and to remind you every day that we need to awaken the light inside of their hearts. If we do it every day, we will change your life. Because the basic laws of life is love, service and wisdom. But there is no love without service of life and light. Once we remember that light that we are, we understand that we are all unusual, the extraordinary. When we see this in ourselves, we begin to see in others, because people see in others only what is inside them.