Putin on Minsk agreement: we got into this mess

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has expressed bewilderment, why all the requirements of the Minsk agreements is addressed to Moscow.

“If you brewed this mess, and you largely brewed it, do something to end this problem,” he was quoted gazetasi.

According to Putin, Russia cannot unilaterally comply with the Minsk agreement.

“We stand ready to help, but we can’t do what needs to be the Kiev authorities to do,” – said the Russian President.

Recall that in may, the Kremlin said that Russia is not responsible for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, because they are not party to the agreements.

As you know, under the Minsk agreements, Russia must withdraw from Ukraine its troops, mercenaries and military equipment, the release of all hostages and the return of Kiev control over the border. However, none of that over the three years of the war was not done, and the Russian Federation on the contrary continues to contain and provide weapons to the militants.