A series of attacks in London near borough market – shooting, and on London bridge, the van drove into pedestrians

On London bridge in the British capital on Saturday evening the van at 80 miles an hour drove into the pedestrians, according to the Internet portal of the British newspaper “daily Telegraph”. According to her, the incident has confirmed Scotland Yard.

The newspaper quoted eyewitnesses who reported that rescuers provide on the spot assistance to the victims, their number is not reported. The condition of some injured is serious.

[email protected]: Reports a white van mowed people down; witness reports of stabbings and shootings. #London #LondonBridge pic.twitter.com/2Gf1QLeKL0

— Fox News (@FoxNews) on 3 June 2017.

British television and radio Bi-bi-si, citing police, reports that in attacks in London on the evening of June 3 people died. According to interlocutors of the edition, the dead more than one. More accurate information about the dead and injured there.

Police are responding to incidents at the #BoroughMarket and #LondonBridge – they are just a few minutes distance away from each other pic.twitter.com/KEKxaeH9vi

— TheJournal.ie (@thejournal_ie) on 3 June 2017.

According to some, after hitting the bridge, gunfire was heard. In addition, witnesses reported that they saw men with stab wounds. One of our witnesses saw coming out of the van, three men with long machetes who ran in the direction of borough market, attacking passers-by.

A Second Terrorist Attack At London Borough Market After The First Attack At #LondonBridge London is Now A War Zone pic.twitter.com/zESTJh9Uc4

— David Garcia (@big8news) 3 Jun 2017

Armed officers are in two places the incident on the bridge where, according to eyewitnesses, the driver hit several people, and at the nearby borough market (Borough Market), where the attack occurred with the use of bladed weapons; police had to open fire.

It is noted that the police are looking for three suspects in connection with the attacks in the London bridge area. According to bi-Bi-si, the police have detained on the bridge by one person.

Also in a network there was video with this bar near London bridge.

WATCH: Video posted on social media shows officers entering a London bar and telling people to “get down.” https://t.co/YiEGXbVRQ2 pic.twitter.com/tH4BlETkJ4

— CBS News (@CBSNews) June 3, 2017

London police tell pub patrons to get down following multiple incidents around London Bridge https://t.co/San2hYbSIo pic.twitter.com/515jmmchgK

— ABC News (@ABC) June 3, 2017

Hundreds of people are evacuated from #LondonBridge after unconfirmed accident brings more than 15 police cars and helicopters come to scene pic.twitter.com/IfQLMOXsR0

— Kaine Pieri (@PieriKaine) 3 Jun 2017

Unconfirmed video from London after a ‘terror’ attack. #LondonBridge pic.twitter.com/DGr3rXOoUU

— Voice of Europe (@V_of_Europe) 3 Jun 2017

BREAKING: Reports of a terrorist attack on London bridge. Pedestrians were mowed down once again. #London pic.twitter.com/ettd7aaCpZ

— Based Monitored (@BasedMonitored) 3 Jun 2017

#LondonBridge right now from the #Shard pic.twitter.com/caX2um8alY

— Georgia Sibold (@TheGSibold) 3 Jun 2017