Why do I get pimples on the body and how to treat them

Pimples and blackheads (comedones) are not only on the face. Chest, neck and shoulders is a pretty common place for the inflammation of the sebaceous glands. Acne on the back even have their name bakne. Pimples appear on the body as in adolescents and adults, writes likar.info.

Acne on the body caused by the same factors as acne on the face, namely hypertrophic sebaceous glands and bacteria.

When sebum or dead skin cells accumulate within the follicle which we call at times, it is sealed. It’s time to become black, and the presence of bacteria is formed by the inflammation of the pimple.

As the face, back, shoulders, forearms have more sebaceous glands, so the follicles get clogged by sebum and dead skin cells.

Heat, friction and sweat can cause certain types of acne

Friction or pressure on the skin in conjunction with heat or sweat can irritate and fire and drive the follicles, causing acne mechanical. The reason – tight clothing, tight collars, backpacks, belts bags, sports clothing or equipment.

Sweat can also cause acne. To minimize the irritation, take a shower immediately after workout or work. Do not use aggressive hygiene products: gels, shower soap with fragrances, mineral oil, synthetic ingredients. Clean the skin gently and use makeup with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

Acne on the body can cause psychological discomfort

Discomfort makes people choose the clothes that best hide the problem areas. Girls prefer t-shirts and shirts with a shallow neck to cover the rash on the breast, men are shy to show the torso. Some people refuse to sports or participate in certain activities due to problems with the skin.

Acne on the body can become a serious psychological trauma for adolescents. Self-doubt is stopping to change clothes in the locker room and to make a choice in favor of beautiful dresses with open back for prom.

All these feelings are completely normal. Accept the situation and focus on the treatment of acne in order to resolve this problem.

Treating mild acne on the body

Mild acne – pimples individual very often disappear as soon as you establish a daily skin care.

– Try to use products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, which are sold in pharmacies. If you are accustomed to using soap, buy soap that contains benzoylperoxide;

– Use selected tool on a daily basis. Try to take a shower or bath immediately after exercise or sweating to minimize contamination of the pores;

– If detergent does not help, try to use a healing lotion or spray with salicylic acid or benzoylperoxide. Use them once or twice a day, depending on the composition of the product. Sprays are great for hard to reach places on the back;

– Additional benefits contained in personal care products alpha-hydroxy acids, e.g. glycolic or lactic. Alpha-hydroxy acids help speed up cell metabolism, effectively exfoliate the skin and reduce clogged pores;

– You can use several products to treat acne at the same time. For example, take a shower with with salicylic acid and use a lotion with benzoyl peroxide. The skin on the back, chest and shoulders tougher than facial skin, so it can tolerate more powerful treatments;

– Careful use of a therapeutic agent in the neck, the skin there is quite sensitive. If you notice irritation, dryness or peeling on any part of the body, consult a doctor.

Treatment of moderate and severe acne

Moderate and severe acne cannot be cured with the help of these funds. You will need complicated procedures and the supervision of a dermatologist.

It is not necessary to delay treatment to the doctor, especially if the acne is severely inflamed. Besides, in the removal of acne can leave behind deep scars. The greater the inflammation, the higher the likelihood of scars.

Depending on your situation, the dermatologist may prescribe topical treatment, oral medication or both. Standard treatments include:

– retinoids;

– antibiotics;

– isotretinoin.

Isotretinoin is used for very severe forms of acne, or after other treatment options have not yielded the desired result, as it has significant potential side effects. Before using any drug listed groups necessary to consult a doctor.

In order to cause your skin in order, it will take time. May have to try several remedies and medications before finding the one that best suits you.

A good daily skin care is the key to successful treatment of acne. But in order to get rid of the problem, to remove the inflammation and clear the pores, you will need to visit a dermatologist. This will help to save time and money you will spend on ineffective media.