Why trump is so passive in front of Russia?

President Donald trump often boast that it does not give anyone the descent and does not allow itself to insult, always answering blow for blow. Apparently, this instinct does not apply to relations with Russia, as with her, he behaves meekly and humbly. Instead of strike counter-strikes, it allows us (if not him) geopolitical enemy to insult with impunity the United States.

Karen DeJong (Karen DeYoung) and Adam Entous (Adam Entous) from The Washington Post on Wednesday evening announced that the trump administration “is taking steps to restore Russia’s two diplomatic mansion… where the Russians were evicted in late December of last year, in this way punishing Moscow for its intervention in the presidential election of 2016”.

Why? As the authors write, the United States, first suggested that some reciprocal compromise, in which we return of Russia owned by it, and that “reverse its decision in 2014, the decision to freeze construction of a new Consulate in St. Petersburg… which was halted in response to American sanctions imposed over Ukraine”. But then the White house refused this condition (as it turned out, the same day trump gave Moscow secret intelligence information from Israel said its foreign Minister and the Ambassador, that the FBI Director James Komi “crazy” and dismissed it for the reason that he didn’t like the investigation Bureau in relation to the activities of Russia in 2016).

It seems that now the administration intends to abandon the official American reaction to the Russian attack against our political system, simply because bear her politely asked. In fact, the government of Vladimir Putin was asked about this not the most polite way:

Russia seeks to regain its diplomatic property in the United States as soon as possible. Otherwise, we have to take countermeasures.

Yes, truly back, but still some.

This is just another step in the ongoing trump the doctrine of groveling in front of Russia, a constituent element of which is the undermining of NATO and, in General, developed after the Second world war international system, which, incidentally, marked the beginning of the “American century.” At the same time, he purposefully inferior to the high moral position of America’s bandit regime of Putin. Absolutely right, Robert Reich (Robert Reich), who noted that if someone wants to see what concessions Russia wants from US, just look at the behaviour of trump, and all will become clear.

In normal political circumstances, there is nothing strange in such event, we would not have seen. Just one might think that the new administration after a period of enhanced tension trying to reset relations with Russia. But in our actual circumstances, there is such a pattern that the new President fawned Russia despite the fact that this country recently had a long and comprehensive attack against our political system, and the true extent of this attack is looming just now. Its main purpose was to undermine our political system.

And there is no bias or political bias. In the end, the intelligence community in its January assessment of Russia’s actions has come to the conclusion that its main goal is to “undermine confidence in the American democratic process” and the damage to Hillary Clinton. If you do not care about the second, the first should cause very serious concern.

But many of our political leaders, starting with the man from the Oval office, determined to give this issue the same without any difference. The trump shows a complete disdain for always referring to the investigation of Russian aggression “witch hunt” and “fake news” and many Republicans at least tend to lower this business on brakes.

There is a very reasonable explanation for this behavior, but they do not reach the heart. The best explanation of the behavior of trump is this: he is as it seems. This man is in love with himself to madness, believing in his own crap that he won a historic victory, and averse to even the thought that there is some other reason for his coming to the White house, in addition to their own greatness. Here he certainly does not give anyone descent.

And what about our passive Republicans? Many are willing to look at the Russian attack through the prism of partisan and biased explanation: the Russian actually didn’t hack the voting machines (yet), and in General they have not changed fundamentally the results of the election; and Russia had tried to intervene. Perhaps, they are comforted by the fact that the attacks were directed mainly against the wicked Clinton, which has a huge variety of transgressions.

But such partisan instincts are very harmful, because the Russian attack on our political system is not a partisan issue.

Every American should alarm the fact that Russia conducted a sabotage operation against the influence of the United States. And to the point. It does not matter how she did it, in cahoots with the people trump or without them. No matter the fact whether she had managed to influence at least one voter. Has no value, and then, against some candidates, and she acted.

The main thing is that a hostile power has carried out a brazen attack on our political system. Writes Ali Watkins (Ali Watkins) from the Politico, this happened against the background of increased spyware activity across the country, which security chiefs concluded that “the Kremlin is slowly maps the objects of the American telecommunications infrastructure so that when opportunities to disrupt her work.” And further: “now the leadership of the hastily trying to figure out how to keep this sophisticated and extensive intelligence network, which has grown and flourished in the US due to years of neglect”. (Perhaps, instead of chasing ghosts and unmask the Republicans in Congress should find out why she and the Obama administration remained inactive in the face of increasing espionage activities of Russia.)

I’m not an expert on intelligence, but it seems to me that the return of Russian property in response to the most powerful in recent years, the operation of the security services is not the best way to contain them.

But this guy named Adam Schiff accurately the uptake in such matters, working in the house of representatives Committee on intelligence:

The President of the United States should not return the property, which the Russians used to conduct espionage, which they seized after the intervention in our elections. Why should they be rewarded?

And of course, all this assumes that trump behaves completely harmless, although to make such conclusions too early. Every day there are new and very disturbing reports about the relationship or team trump with a seemingly random political allies from a distant country, or the country itself. The latest news is that trump in-law Jared Kushner made a huge effort to create a secret even from the government line of communication with the Kremlin using the Russian facilities and equipment. And yet it was a message that a caught last year by U.S. intelligence talking to the Russian officials mentioned they have dirt on trump and his advisers. There are also information about the attempts of Congress to find out whether last year from the attorney-General Jeff and Roman sessions of the third, previously unknown meeting with Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. And so on. Yes, as I said we have no idea what trump was financial business with Russia (if they were)?

But maybe the most innocuous explanation for this would be the most correct? However, the Republicans, refusing to give explanations, you run the risk of slipping on the position of the threat of partisan bias. Look how they reacted to revelations that forced trump to dismiss his national security adviser, who discredited Russia. They put it on a par with the Russian attacks on our elections. We have too many Republicans who put the interests of the party on a par with the interests of the country, and maybe even above these interests.

By doing so, they become like President that instead to strike back in response to the provocation of foreign powers, bleats happily, “Thanks, Vlad, smack us again!”

Can not doubt in the words of John Stoer (John Stoehr), who on Wednesday in this newspaper said that the U.S. inaction in the face of such aggression will lead to new, more serious aggressive acts. There is no reason to believe that the operation of 2016 was an isolated case. And there is even less reason to think that Russia will not repeat such actions.

Hit us once, shame on you; hit us twice, shame on us.