Rest as head of state

Walking through the British countryside, fishing tours in the Russian provinces and kitesurf luxury Paradise Islands. We found out how powerful men and women spend their holidays.

Vladimir Putin: Tuva, Russia

In southern Siberia, on the border with Mongolia, Tuva is. In this Russian Republic, whose territory is about the size of a Uruguay, lives a little more than 300 thousand people. Here it is again and again returned President Putin to enjoy the wild nature of Russia. Photos in which the President goes fishing trip in camouflage, playing hockey in the national team uniform and riding a horse bare-chested, became viral and spread all over the Internet.

Tuva is far from the most popular resort destination even among the Russians themselves. The fact that Putin will publish a photo from your active vacation trips in this region is the attempt of the President to force people to limit travel abroad.

The head of the Republic Sholban Kara-ool wants the upcoming summit trump and Putin took place in his region, as there the untouched nature will “win fairness” between the leaders. Putin has already shown this area to foreign visitors: In 2009 it was visited by the Prince of Monaco albert and I have experiences very different than those to which he is accustomed to at home in Monte Carlo.

© RIA Novosti, Alexei Nikolsky | go to Photobacterium of Russia Vladimir Putin during a fishing trip in Republic of Tyva

Where to live: In the capital of Kyzyl to live in a hotel, paying about CZK 500 per night.

What to eat: Russian sushi? Yes, they are in a Café “Fusion” in Kyzyl.

Angela Merkel: Sant’angelo, Italy

The German Chancellor is known that clings for a purse — both for his own and the country’s budget. Even when Merkel travels with her husband Joachim Sauer (Joachim Sauer), frugality is not cheating on her. Let’s start with the fact that the pair is flying down separately: so Merkel may not pay for something that Joachim also uses government aircraft.

And when Vanity Fair a few years ago interviewed the local residents of San Angelo, they talked about simple habits Merkel. Often she orders the house wine, and after dinner, the bottle tightly stoppered to keep the restaurant up to the next meal of the Chancellor. With the exception of some seafood dishes, she usually prefers pasta with tomato sauce and fresh Basil. But if the couple wants pizza, they prefer to take it with me to the hotel room.

On housing she does not save. Merkel prefers Miramare Sea Resort & Spa is located on the southern tip of the island. A room there costs about three thousand kronor per night.

© AFP 2017, Mario LaportaКанцлер of Germany Angela Merkel and her husband Joachim Sauer, the rest in Italy

Where to live: Do whatever Merkel and book your room in Miramare Sea Resort & Spa.

What to eat: Ristorante L’arca served various pasta dishes.

Nicolas Sarkozy: Cape Negro, France

Marrying Carla Bruni, Nicolas Sarkozy get access in the holiday home of the clan Bruni, which is located on the edge of a private area of Cape Negro in the commune of Le Lavandou on the French Riviera. Similar to Fort, the residence is owned by the family of Bruni from the 1970s, when Nicolas Sarkozy took office, he and Carl spent the summer there. Grandiose Villa with ten bedrooms with personal terraces and sea views, was built from 1934 to 1937 on the instructions of Andre faraji (André Faraggi), pilot and friend of his father, Jacques Chirac, Abel.

© AFP 2017, Sophie LouvetПервая lady of France Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and her husband French President Nicolas Sarkozy go down to the sea in Le Lavandou

The weakness of Sarkozy invited to glamorous events made this house a favorite place of the press. Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Lebanon Saad Hariri (Saad Hariri) and the Jordanian Queen Rania are just some of the celebrities who have been here at parties. In the end, the media presence was excessive even for Sarkozy.

At some point, he made sure to close the air space around the Villa for anyone who is not willing to pay 400 thousand Euro fine or spend six months in jail.

Where to live: Enjoy the views from the hotel Hôtel Le Bailli de Suffren.

What to eat: sample traditional French cuisine in the restaurant Chez Régis.

Barack Obama: Necker Island, virgin Islands

When Barack Obama appeared on the streets of new York earlier this spring, he was like a different person. In a crisp shirt, with a smooth tan and white smile, he was quite similar to that grizzled man, whom we saw leaving Washington. The aging President, exhausted by eight years in the role of leader of the free world, suddenly Shine again.

What a resort has breathed life into him? Necker island, virgin Islands — a private island owned by the founder of the Virgin Group Richard Branson (Richard Branson), where up to 30 guests can be accommodated on 30 acres of Paradise. With its luxurious Balinese villas with a staff of more than a hundred people and panoramic views of the Caribbean island Kingdom, the resort has attracted in recent years such guests as Kate moss, Beyonce and Robert de Niro.

The Obamas spent time sunbathing, diving and enjoying long dinners. Barack Obama himself, caught on photo in a perfectly fitted suit, most of the time was spent to learn kitesurfing, concluding a bet with Richard Branson.

“We had a competition. Can Barack learn to kitesurf, if I learn to ride tailbone? We kept pace until the very last day when I suddenly saw that Barack was ahead of me a hundred meters. Just had to congratulate him,” said Richard Branson.

©, kansasphotoБританские virgin Islands

Where to live: as the whole island belongs to Richard Branson, there is only one hotel which can accommodate up to 34 adults and the room it costs a little more than 14 thousand CZK per night.

David Cameron: Polzeath, England

July 13, 2016. After six intense years as Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron was finally discharged from Downing Street. Together with his wife Samantha, he enjoyed a vacation that lasts a month that began with holiday on the Scottish island of Jura. There the couple lived in desjatikratno year old house, the stepfather of Samantha and wandered around the property in the area of 10 thousand hectares.

After a couple of days in Corsica, where Cameron, by the way, saw on the beach in a bathing suit luxurious brand Orlebar Brown, they went to the Creeps. This is a small resort city that occupies a special place in the heart of David Cameron. The fact that the couple return there, easy to understand. Crawling is a real British summer idyll, here are a couple spends time surfing, eating wrapped in newspaper, fish and chips and we took long walks together in the lap of verdant nature.

The only thing that the former Prime Minister could complain, is the lack of cell phone coverage. But shortly after Cameron in the local media expressed their displeasure in connection with interrupting a conversation on a mobile phone, government Department for culture, media and sport has proposed to build near the village of a 30-metre cell tower. I wonder whether David and Samantha here this summer?

©, AndrewПопулярный in the UK, the surf beach in Crawl

Where to live: Four-star The Longcross.

What to eat: Lobsters, crabs and oysters are best at the beachfront Surfside Polzeath.