Raqqa: why Russia rejected the agreement between ISIL and the Democratic forces of Syria?

Operation “Wrath of the Euphrates” at the head of the Syrian democratic forces (SDS), supported by the International coalition have reached a final stage in the operation to liberate Raqqa, which is the de facto capital of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.).

Forces led by the US expanded the screening area from the village of al-Jamrat in the countryside of Raqqa to the East the village of As-Zalabia in the West. Also, she has moved 25 kilometres in Raqqa, freeing many villages in the Northern countryside, thereby blocking the militants from the North. The city is surrounded on three sides except the South, which remains open in the desert.

The democratic forces of Syria are three kilometers to the North of the city of raqqa. Syrian elite forces, together with the SDS took control of the gas processing plant in the North-West of the city. Revolutionary front Raqqa, which is part of SDS, raised the flag of the Syrian revolution on the hill of al-Bahia in the North-East of the city. In addition, the SDS managed to expel the ISIS militants from the village Keiran in the West, and also to take control of El-Mansour in the North, with the result that all the roads in the city of raqqa was cut off for the militants. The ISIS is nothing but an attempt to cross the river to the South by boat in search of support and supply, which means a delay in their travels. In addition, drones around the clock monitoring of the ways in which terrorists can emerge from Raqqa, including the Euphrates river.

With the start of Ramadan campaign “Wrath of the Euphrates” with the help of American B-52 bombers fired dozens of rockets at the city, resulting in raqqa turned into a real hell. American and British artillery, stationed at a sugar factory to the North of the city, dealing a blow to the city. The civilian population of Raqqa is in a state of panic, fear and confusion. Civilians trapped in the war, due to the fact that ISIS does not allow them a way out of the city, while the international coalition strikes missile strikes. In raqqa has significantly worsened the humanitarian situation due to the lack of medical personnel, medications and a complete cessation of electricity two days ago, and also due to lack of fuel and flour.

The victims of the airstrike in Ramadan became civilians. Many were injured, and more than 35 people were killed, including entire families because of the collapse of buildings. People began to bury their dead in public parks because of the difficulty of access to the cemetery, which is located in the line of fire.

“Islamic state” is trying to deny the defeat and in a last attempt to raise the morale of their fighters in the first day of Ramadan was executed two people in the city market, claiming that they were soldiers of Syrian democratic forces. In addition, the militants marched through the streets with the shooting, in celebration of the capture of militants “Islamic state” in Marawi city in the Philippines, believing that this victory was given by Allah, which reimburses their losses.

LIH reminds store owners about the need to only work with dirname and dinars, warning beware of paper money, while at the same time allowed to deal with $ when it comes to oil and taxes.


© AP Photo by Militant Website, FileБоевики ISIL during a parade in raqqa

According to information received from Raqqa, a deal was struck between the forces of SDS and ISIS, according to which the fighters of the “Islamic state” and their families will be provided safe passage to leave Raqqa and moved to the South of the country. The representative of the Democratic forces of Syria denies the existence of any agreement. However, the data from the event indicate its presence, the more that previously existed of the transactions of this kind. Fighters of “Islamic state” will give the dam on the Euphrates river and the city Tabka Democratic forces of Syria after the transaction.

This will contribute to the beginning of the negotiation process. Heads of local tribes fleeing from areas that are free fighters of SDS. Rumor has it that some influential tribes, who had joined the ISIL militants, laid down their arms and shaved beards, as they are guaranteed safety. In addition, there is information on the monitoring of the ISIL militants in areas controlled by the SDS and camps for internally displaced persons.

In turn, Russia made threats about the destruction of the convoy of ISIL militants heading South. Since Russia is not a party, has entered into this agreement, it will continue to fight terrorism.

The Ministry of defense of Russia reported that on may 25, Russian aircraft struck blow to the column of militants which moved from Raqqa to the side of the Syrian Palmyra, after agreement with the VTS. Thus, Russia has made clear it would not recognize the agreement between ISIS and the VTS, and also showed their reluctance to provide the United States an easy victory in raqqa. However, Russia does not want war took place at the expense of civilian casualties. However, Moscow does not want to hear about agreements between SDS and ISIS, which guarantees the exit of ISIL fighters from the city and seeks to get rid of them in raqqa to those not entrenched in the Syrian desert.


The spread of ISIS in the desert will cause another war, and the Russians do not want to fight in the desert, because they are looking for an easy victory over the militants. In military operations in the desert may not be winners and losers. It will be more like war of exhaustion for government forces and militias, as it was before. Thus, it has become a “hot potato”, which the parties used to each other. All these data suggest that Rakka acts as a playing field for regional and international forces, whose actions can lead to the destruction of the city and the destruction of its inhabitants as the price for victory. This area is open to scoring in this game.

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis said that the civilian casualties in Syria is unavoidable. This is contrary to all values that, as the Americans claimed, they will fight. The horror of this statement is that it opens the way for the unimpeded destruction of the people under the pretext of the “life factor” and “collateral damage.”

LIH there are not a lot of time and of options: either continue to fight an already lost battle or to head South for safe passage in the desert that is the international coalition of SDS and deliberately left for the militants. In addition, they can be directed towards other areas of the Syrian or Iraqi al-Anbar to create a new headquarters organization. In any case the region of al-Badia will be a place of concentration of forces of the “Islamic state” in case of loss of the rebels control over Raqqa.

The U.S. must take decisive action and then, perhaps, within a few days they will be able to complete the operation in raqqa.