Should look like a summary in 2017: expert advice

Principles of resume writing always have their trends. And those looking for work or going to change it, better to know what to prepare for.

The website gathered the most important trends in 2017, which will help you to upgrade your professional business cards and enhance your chances of success.

Key words — by the wayside

Phrases that describe the skills and qualities required for a specific job – these are the key words. Them easier to find summary through the search engines and the search function on the sites of employment.

For example, the selection of the candidate for the position of “Driver” the key words will be the driver, the driver’s license of category b, C, the freight forwarder.

When these words fit into the text, it is convenient, especially when it comes to mass recruitment. But many job seekers are deliberately inserted into summary phrases that do not match their experience, but was used by the employer in the job description.

Do not engage in “search engine optimization” summary and does not include all of the keywords just to attract the attention of potential employer. Instead, it is better to add accurate and useful information, reflecting the experience, skills and achievements.

The emphasis on the achievements

The objective, in summary — a thing of the past. Often applicants it tied for first place in their professional card.


The goal is to obtain a position in a dynamic company where I can use my experience.

It’s too much. Desire to work is clear to the employer. Why repeat the obvious? Most of the employer is not interested in objective, and your professional profile: achievements and experience. They provide an opportunity to assess the “caliber” of a specialist and its hypothetical contribution to the company.

In summary describe important projects on which you worked, the results achieved, promote professional growth, as you improve and savebuckets.

Shift work is normal

It used to be that if a person worked for one company all my life — he is a happy man and he had a stable career. But today, a rare employee stays in the same company until retirement.

Strive to meet their professional ambitions, development, higher wages and change jobs — it is normal. Especially for those who are just starting their careers, looking for himself.

Don’t hide, if over the last 10 years you have changed several jobs. Honestly reflect your rich experience in your CV. Recruiters not pay attention to the amount of waste technician years in the same position, and the results he has achieved.

The form has a value

Of course, recruiters are looking for summary data that are relevant to the requirements of the vacancy. But no less important to them and the appearance of the document.

No need to be an advanced designer to give a worthy form to his resume. It’s simple. If you make a summary in a text file, organize information logically, so it is easily read, but the main data was on view:

  • use sans serif fonts, such as Arial;
  • make headers, paragraphs, and the spacing between them;
  • remove spelling and semantic errors.

Another trend that is gaining popularity — infographic summary. It should be the representatives of creative professions: designers, artists, architects, copywriters, PR-managers.

No “zombie style”

Summary — a genre of official-business style. And this specific style. And if you use it clumsily, it becomes similar to “zombies”. But candidates like him, considering that the business statement making resume more impressive. In the end, the text is overloaded kantselyarizmami, cliches, complex verbal constructions. It is difficult to read and boring.

Forget about this approach. Write simply and clearly, if you talk about yourself, your experience and achievements of the person whom you see for the first time. Stay away from high-sounding phrases. Do not characterize themselves as “motivated professional” or “born to be a marketer.” Be creative, but know your limits.

If your resume is written according to the template “last century”, then it works against you reduces the chances to obtain decent work and slows down the development career. Don’t forget that it must tell the employer not only who you are, but to show as you navigate the changes that occur in the professional world.