The series “house of cards” falls short of life

30 may came the fifth season of the film series “house of cards” (House of Cards). However, it will not find the audience it fresh in comparison with reality?— this seriously sets the British newspaper the Guardian that stands at the forefront of the world media, for which the election was and still is number one.


The author, British journalist mark Lawson (Mark Lawson) similar to the plot of the previous film, where the hero, played by famous American actor Kevin Spacey (Kevin Spacey) is a politician Frank underwood (Frank Underwood) is involved in the presidential race for a couple with his wife. And his wife claim the post of Vice-President, and violates the us Constitution in an attempt to hide from the media your, to put it mildly, “a winding path” to the White house.

Mark Lawson observes that the output of the series became a success and the audience found it fascinating. But almost all rest assured that entangled incredibly sharp stories about the unprecedented level of corruption and nepotism in the highest echelons of the American government, only the cinematic imagination, and this simply does not exist in the real politics of the Western world.

The author acknowledges that in March of last year, when after the primaries in “super Tuesday,” many were quick to conclude that Senator Ted Cruz (Ted Cruz) will easily repay outsider rebellion of Donald trump and wins the nomination for the leadership in the Republican party, and then, in all likelihood, lose in the presidential race, Hillary Clinton. However, all went according to script.

And now, writes the Guardian, when came the fifth season of the series, there is a real risk that mad chaos of American politics at the fictional President Underwood seems dull in comparison with what is happening today in real life.

Recently, actor Kevin spacey participated in the popular program Seth Meyers (Seth Meyers), “Late Night” on NBC, where he acknowledged that the political context in which we watch “house of cards” has changed and because someone watched the show and thought “This is too much! It does not happen”. And then, a year and a half later: “Wait, but it really can happen!” — Or is already happening.

The Guardian writes that Netflix has built such a reliable protection against leakage of the plot of the new series of the fifth season that the politicians could envy. However, as noted by the author, demonstrated a 30-second trailer, it becomes clear that “family tandem” Underwood wins the election in 2016, and the President’s going to violence, including physical, senators and opponents, begins offensive on inokomyslie, and perhaps, according to mark Lawson, and the foundations of democracy.

The author of the article in the Guardian goes further in his reasoning and says that some marked plot twists seem impressively prophetic. Seeing the protesters at the gates of the White house with placards saying “not fit for the presidency,” underwood throws a tantrum trampove: “the American people do not know that he is well.” The announcement of the film, we allude: the hero is willing to do anything to grab and hold power.

Mark Lawson draws the attention of readers Gurdian that is not the first time the creators of “house of cards” could frighteningly close to the image of political reality. The Netflix media franchise is Americanized extended version of the serial movie “bi-Bi-si”, shot by Director Andrew Davis (Andrew Davies) based on the novel by Michael Dobbs (Michael Dobbs), where Margaret Thatcher “podsizhivaet” a Francis Urquhart (Francis Urquhart), played by Ian Richardson (Ian Richardson). (The main characters both British and American TV series have intentionally “controversial” initials “F. U.”). The first series of the movie was released on the “bi-Bi-si-1” 18 November 1990, four days before Thatcher voluntarily resigned under pressure from the Cabinet.

Thus, according to the author, despite the fact that the blurring of the boundaries between the on-screen Underwood and the real trump may play into the hands of the “Card house”, this film in a sense was caught off guard American political history before he released. Last year, the growing emphasis on the ambitions of Claire underwood (Claire Underwood) played by Robin Wright (Robin Wright), to succeed her husband as President was clearly made to reflect and make fun of the possible presidency of Hillary Clinton. (This year the creators of the sixth season of the spy drama “homeland” (Homeland) also did not guess, depicting a woman in the role of a national leader).

Mark Lawson talks to the effect that, as a rule, the fictional and the actual presidential cycles on American TV do not match: played by Martin sheen (Martin Sheen), President jed Bartlet (Jed Bartlet) in the NBC series “the West wing” (The West Wing, 1999-2006) — ultraprecision sverginamento, with the last five seasons of the TV series coincided with the presidency of George W. Bush, who many considered a narrow-minded ignoramus. But the first four seasons of “house of cards”, where the country is ruled by a liar and a murderer who can’t find a common language with his wife, coincided with the era of Barack Obama, who is considered a moral person, and his wife Michelle is one of the most respected first lady in history.

In the end, in his outspoken article in one of the most politically oriented of the British publications the Guardian, the famous English journalist mark Lawson, wrote: the makers of “house of cards” wonder if it works absurdly exaggerated image of the main character as giving emotional discharge, a parody of Donald trump or, on the contrary, seem faded against the evening news. Perhaps provocative as the author, the series will benefit the most if the trump see it and tweet about how that’s impossible.

And then and former chief economist of HSBC, Stephen king (Stephen King) a copy of his new book, “the Harsh new world: the end of globalization, the return of history” (Grave New World: The End of Globalization, the Return of History) is completing a rigid parody of a speech daughter of Donald trump in 2044, which refers to the collapse of the EU and the US withdrawal from NATO as the accomplished facts.