New rates: how much you will have to pay the Ukrainians after the price increase, hot and cold water

In Ukraine, the tariff for water supply, every company calculates for itself. The cost of services includes salaries, electricity (it work the pumps), repair, taxes, depreciation, etc. Dependent on equipment, jobs, health, the cost of water from different companies are different. A few days ago, the national Commission adopted a decision to increase water tariffs in some cities of Ukraine.

This year, as noted by the representatives of local authorities at the Commission meeting in February 2017, it turned out that Ukrainians spend less water than projected in the calculations. The more the company sells, the cheaper their service. However, due to the significant price increase communal Ukrainians began to save. “The new rates are approved by local authorities. The rate should correspond to the costs incurred by the company. Should not be social populism,” – said the Deputy mayor Dmitry South-Loving.

The price of cold water:
“Kyivvodocanal” – from 13.77 to 15.79 UAH per cubic meter
“Loovvool” – from 10.49 to 13.41 hryvnia per cubic meter
“Raveolution” – from 13.38 to 15.84 hryvnia per cubic meter
“Dniprovodokanal” – from 12.45 to 13.32 USD per cube
“Hmelnickogo” – from 11.49 to 13.91 hryvnia per cubic meter

The price of hot water:
“Teplokommunenergo lighthouse” (Vinnitsa) – 78,23 to 80,62 hryvnias for a cube (with towel rail)
“Vinnitsaoblenergo” – 73,03 to 74,42 hryvnia per cubic meter