Hokkaido Shimbun (Japan): and during a pandemic coronavirus owner of a Japanese restaurant in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Miyanishi Yutaka remains faithful to the Japanese-Russian friendship

A native of Sapporo city (Hokkaido) Yutaka Miyanishi (85), owner of the Japanese restaurant “Furusato”, located on Sakhalin island in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the pandemic coronavirus forced to suspend the reception in his school. But the entrepreneur is not discouraged and tries to support the brand and reputation of their offspring, “because if customers forget the taste of the dishes of my restaurant — it’s the end of the business.” “Furusato” is now relies on food delivery orders. Miyanishi am grateful to my many long-standing Russian fans for their support in difficult times.

In pure white shirt and tie, without a single wrinkle and draped over the traditional white jacket Japanese chef Yutaka Miyanishi as is always in his commander’s place on the sparkling clean kitchen. “Prepare tender boiled clam “hockey-guy” (Sakhalin Spisula) — it’s an art. Inexperienced employee to trust such a dish is not. You have to be in place,” says Miyanishi-San.

From April to Sakhalin island, as elsewhere in Russia, has been quarantined. Catering companies are closed. A spacious restaurant “Furusato” was empty. The light dimmed in its halls.

“Furusato” was opened in 2003. Then he took the first floor in a good building post-war construction. With April staff time reduced. However Miyanishi-San every day going to work. The case helps him not feel old even in his old age. It works not only in the kitchen but also takes care of the adjacent territory.

Working in the restaurant since the day it opened, the Manager and waitress Emma Maximova (40) knows regular customers, “Furusato”. She was calling them on the phone and places the advertising in social networks. Even today, the school receives daily up to twenty orders for food delivery. It also happens that people call in for your favorite dishes. Miyanishi-San happy: “it’s Good to have such loyal employees and customers.”

Yutaka Miyanishi was born in Sapporo. Worked a long time on TV Hokkaido music producer and editor. Led music programs. He was a good accordion player, in 1967 he composed music for the once acclaimed hit popular singer Yukiko Ono “Marganski Blues”. After retirement, opened a small restaurant. And in 1991, the friends invited Miyanishi as a Deputy Manager of a hotel in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

10 years he spent in this position. Witnessed the flourishing of Sakhalin due to the powerful development of projects to produce liquefied natural gas (LNG). Then the Japanese restaurants with the owners-Russian sprang up like mushrooms after rain. So decided Miyanishi-San to do this business.

Everything was going well. However, the coronavirus pandemic and the sharp drop in oil prices significantly reduced the purchasing activity of Russians. Worried and a veteran of the restaurant business Miyanishi: “Apparently, to return demand for the Japanese food at the same level will take some time.”

Because of illness Miyanishi-San needs to regularly visit Japan to undergo special research. But the last time he was at home in February. Now air traffic between Russia and Japan closed. However, the medicine he needed Yutaka Miyanishi gets in the Sakhalin hospitals. But he is very concerned that there is no supply so necessary in his restaurant, original Japanese products, such as pickled plums, which are decorated with traditional Japanese “Bento”. However Miyanishi-San all the time reassures himself: “All now is not easy. But the clients need to care.”

In the basis of love Miyanishi-San to Sakhalin is not only business. In 1992 immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union he, together with friends on a small private plane were taken to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk humanitarian assistance. With one of the Vice-Governor of Sakhalin has composed music to the song about the Japanese-Russian friendship. At his own expense planted in the Park of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Avenue of cherry trees, which was named in his honor “Alley Milanesi”. In 2008, the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Miyanishi awarded him the title of “honorary citizen of the city”.

“Before they reach that age, I was not afraid of anything, that would be with me no matter what. But I haven’t done for Sakhalin. Something else I need to leave here”.

While in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk identified 32 people with the coronavirus.

Miyanishi-San remains at his post, looking forward to the day when life here will return to normal.